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1, 4 Dioxane

1, 4 Dioxane (not to be confused with dioxin) is a chemical contaminant and by-product of the production of ethoxylated surfactants (including SLS and SLES). Dioxane is a known carcinogen, and is included in the list of such compounds submitted to congress
(see http://www.senate.gov/member/ma/kennedy/general/statements/970905fdacosmetics.html) by Senator R Kennedy in 1997. Nothing has yet been done about the presence of these dangerous chemicals in everyday personal care products and cosmetics. In fact, manufacturers of cosmetics can put in as much 1,4 dioxane, or any other chemical they like into your cosmetics, and they don't even have to tell you!

In 1992, John Bailey, of the FDA's division of Colours and Cosmetics raised the FDA's concerns about the presence of this dangerous chemical in shampoos and conditioners in "excessive levels". Nothing has been done to limit its presence since then.

Most human exposure to this 1,4 dioxane comes from its contamination of shampoos and conditioners formulated with SLS or SLES. These are in themselves very nasty chemicals which are thought to be responsible for all sorts of problems from male infertility to PMS (PMT) and Menopause symptoms (due to their estrogen-like effects on the body).

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