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CoCa-Cola sued for misleading claims of weight loss for new drink
06-02-2007 8:45 am
Coca-Cola and Nestle are to suffer an embarrassing lawsuit after making misleading and "fraudulent" claims in both the marketing and labelling of a new green-tea flavoured drink.

The consumer group Centre for sScience in the Public Interest (CSPI) launched the lawsuit on 1st February, alleging that claims by the manufacturers that the drink actively burns calories are fraudulent and incorrect.

I appears that the claims are based on a single, extremely short clinical study of just 31 people, funded by Nestle (a major manufacturer of foods containing GM ingredients, so to be avoided anyway!) which was presented at the Obesity Society's recent conference with the response "it is improper to state or imply that the results of this study supports any weight loss".

This is just the latest in a fad for drinks companies to promote their "high energy" drinks as all-encompassing and providing "benefits" that are at best questionable and at worst downright misleading. The fact that this particular product is laced with aspartame (see this video for further information) and its close relative acesulfame, which both act as poisons, is just another nail in its coffin. Of course many flavoured drinks, including "flavoured waters" and virtually all "diet" drinks contain these "sweeteners" to excess causing myriad health problems, including death (see the video above). In fact, within a year of its launch, aspartame accounted for more than 60% of ALL complaints made to the FDA aboutfood-related issues.

The answer seems simple. These chemicals are not natural. Cynical attempts by companies such as Coca-Cola and Nestle to mislead the public by linking their products to a genuinely healthy product - green tea - are neither ethical or acceptable.

We can only hope that the courtroom involved in the lawsuit is more independent than that involved in the approval of aspartame, where all the officials involved went on to lucrative jobs with the manufacturer and their accomplices!

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H5N1 bird flu. Should you be concerned?
07-02-2007 9:21 am
With all the hype surrounding the supposed detection of H5N1 bird flu in East Anglia (UK), you'd be forgiven for wondering how this affects you and what you should do about it.

Perhaps a little history would help.

First of all, where do you think H5N1 was first discovered?

Secondly, when do you think that was?

Did you answer "Asia", "China", "Korea", "Vietnam" or something similar?

And did you think it was first identified in 2004? How about 2005? or even 2006?

If you did, you'd be amongst the majority of the World's population, whose sole source of "information" is the box in the corner and whatever BBC / CNN / NBC / Whoever else decides is the news today. All (with the exception of BBC) owned by major conglomerates and multinationals who have corporate agendas to follow (have you seen the move "The Corporation"? If not, you should (the link will take you directly to where you can download it - it is FREE!) these organisations work hard to protect their owners from exposure. When you understand that the major food poducers are owned by virtually the same people, you might start to get a bit of the picture. Factor in the ownership of the major pharmaceutical companies that are racing each other to produce the first commercial "vaccine" or "treatment" for H5N1 and you are getting closer still.

The reason we can say this so confidently is simple - it has all happened before . . . time, after time, after time? Try researching, just a little, the background to the so-called "Spanish Flu" of 1918 (clue - it affected mostly soldiers returning from the war in Europe, buthad NOTHING to do with Spain), the syndromes affecting Vietnam Vets, Gulf War Syndrome or the classic case - the "Swine Flu Epidemic" of the 1970s.

This "epidemic" (which, like most of the others threatened on us was not actually an "epidemic" in epidemiological terms), killed 6 people - ALL soldiers that had just returned from Vietnam, where they had received chemical cocktails of who-knows-what. The subsequent "vaccination" campaign, which used millions of doses of just-about-to-expire existing "vaccines" (very convenient for the manufacturer, who would otherwise have had to destroy them) at a cost to congress of around €135 million, killed tens of thousands of people!

Did we learn anything from this?

Apparently not!

It is all happening again, with the same hype, threatening the same threats as they did in the 70's of "Spanish-Flu" type problems. (by the way, the US was in a trade battle with Spain at the time, that's why it was called "Spanish" flu - nothing to do with the "disease"!).

So, what should you do?

Well, a good start would be to make sure that you immune system is functioning moderately well, which , if you eat anything like the "average" American (or, for that matter, "Western") diet, is highly unlikely.

How can you do that?


1. Stop eating processed foods containing additives such as MSG, Aspartame or other food additives.

2. Avoid any and all exposure to harmful chemicals, such as SLS and propylene glycol.

3. Supplement your diet with appropriate vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

4. Get some exercise - ALL vigorous exercise acts to boost the immune system.

5. STOP worrying about it - you are far more likely to be hurt by the chemical cocktails produced from the pharmaceutical greed machine than from H5N1 bird flu!

6. Eat organic. Always, always, always. Have you any idea what if actually in your food? (We're producing a whole series of information on GM foods at present, complete with videos, many of which are shocking).

Of course, if you eat a healthy, varied, vegetarian, organic diet and have lots of natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants etc in your system and have an active, happy life, it is highly unlikely you will be affected (unless the state forces you to take harmful "vaccines" as they will likely try).

Oh yes, and regarding H5N1 flu - Where was it first discovered . . . . . . Aberdeen, Scotland!

And when? . . . . . . in the 1950s! Hasn't killed many people in Scotland since then, has it?

So stop, worrying, ignore the press and DEFINITELY ignore your doctor! (whose education, salary, research grants, research associates, staff, premises and last holiday were almost certainly paid for by those self same pharmaceutical comnpanies! I know, I used to work for 3 of them!)

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SLS-free products now available at Natural Health Information Centre
15-02-2007 1:22 pm
After much searching, countless enquiries and not a little hair-pulling, Natural Health Information Centre has at last provided a list of recommended products free from SLS and other harmful chemicals.

Our new SLS-free products page and associate SLS-free shampoos, SLS-free-toothpaste and SLS-free body wash pages are now online and will shortly be followed by specific pages for soaps, childrens products etc that are equally free from the dangerous chemicals often found in bathroom products.

We were reluctant to provide links to specific products or companies that we have no control over, but you asked us to find these products for you, so we did! At the moment, the list is a little limited, although at least two manufacturers are provided in each product category. As we find other products and companies that we believe you should know about, we will add them to make this a comprehensive resource of SLS-free products that you can use with confidence.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is one of the most common toxic ingredients in household and bathroom products, and has been linked to all sorts of health problems, including infertility, precocious puberty and cancer. Avoiding these chemicals is a must for anyone concerned about their health and that of their families (especially children). Further information can be found at

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