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Top 10 health tips to achieve and maintain health
23-10-2007 7:35 am
For many, this will be their first issue of "Natural Health News", for everyone else, the first in some months. This was not my intention when Istarted the blog, but, alas, I also have to work for a living and NHIC is a one-person effort to communicate all of the news, hot topics, nuggets of gold and plain facts that I uncover in my constant research into ways to improve and maintain health naturally.
Unfortunately, I don't have the time to answer all of the hundreds of enquiries I receive every month, so here, I have decided to answer a large number of these at once by giving you my top ten tips for achieving and maintaining good health. Some will be quick and easy, others will take a bit more time and effort, but ALL are aimed at helping you to overcome the detrimental effects of a modern lifestyle and helping you rid your body of whatever afflictions you currently have.
1. Avoid modern medicine
Do you know the leading cause of death in the Western World? Contrary to the myths spread by the media, neither heart disease nor cancer, though this is what most people believe. Rather, to paraphrase the American Medical Association, it is "the correct administration of pharmaceutical drugs". There you have it from the horse's mouth - Doctors, using modern, pharmaceutical medicines, kill more people every year than ANY disease or condition. And that is only the tip of the iceberg, it does not include, for example, medical errors, unnecessary surgeries and other blunders which are an everyday occurence and a widely recognized problem in their own right.
This is not surprising (although it IS shocking to most people).
Although well intentioned, modern doctors are simply not equipped to treat health problems in any meaningful way without causing harm (which is, incidentally, the first tenet of the Hippocratic oath, the sworn promise of all doctors). Instead, they are trained from their first day in medical school to do only two things, namely to give drugs (and preferably on a long-term basis) and/or to use surgical procedures (which, of course, means giving LOTS of drugs). Absolutely NOTHING is done to identify, let alone remove the cause of disease and prevention is virtually non-existent (unless it involves drugs, of course).
The reason for this is simple.
100% of all medical education is now paid for by the pharmaceutical industry. In one way or another, whether it be by "sponsorships", "research grants" or other blatant marketing tools, the agenda of the medical school is therefore carefully controlled by those who stand to gain the most from the abomination that passes for health care today and who form one of the most powerful lobbying groups on the planet. For more information see Modern Medicine
Solution - Find a properly qualified natural health practitioner, such as a naturopath, homeopath or chinese medicine specialist. All these (and other) forms of natural health get to the root causes of disease and remove them rather than simply covering up symptoms like modern medicine does. They have been around for thousands of years rather than the 100 years or so during which modern doctors have been poisoning us with their over-priced, ineffective and dangerous "quackery".
2. Rehydrate yourself
One of the cheapest, quickest and easiest things you can do to reclaim your health is to increase your water intake. I'm sure my friends and family are sick of me saying this, but it remains true.
Virtually eveyone these days is dehydrated. Thanks to the massive proliferation of fizzy drinks, coffee shops, "juices" etc, most people no onger drink fresh, clean water. Indeed, many of the so-called water "products" found in stores today are laced with sugar, flavourings and other chemical horrors that make them downright dangerous to health instead of beneficial.
The answer is simple. Drink at least 8 glasses (2 litres / 4 pints) of clean, fresh, unadulterated water every day.
IF you can find it!
Why do I say "IF"? Well, it might not be as easy as you think to find clean, fresh water - ESPECIALLY in developed countries.
Much of the water supply in the USA and Canada (and, to a lesser extent, Europe and elsewhere) is horribly polluted. In addition to the environmental pollutants and chemicals such as estrogens that are concentrated by water recycling, many water authorities taint their supplies with poisons like chlorine and fluride/fluoride, both of which are horribly toxic andcause many health problems.
So maybe you should drink bottled water?
It's not quite that simple. Most bottled water (assuming it's source is clean) comes in plastic bottles, which are known to leach estrogen-like chemicals into the water they contain. Given that estrogen toxicity causes a massive amount of disease today (including ALL PMS/PMT, "menopause", sterility (in both men and women), numerous cancers, precocious puberty (early sexual development), etc. etc.) this is not a good idea. Glass bottles are fine, although there are environmental concerns about using them - they should, at the very least, ALWAYS be recycled.
The simplest answer for most of us is somewhere in the middle.
Drink properly stored mineral water whan you can, but otherwise, a good way to minimize the dangers of tap-water is to buy a cheap filter-jug and keep it in the fridge. This will remove most of the nasties and, if left to stand for an hour or two, allows the chlorine in the water to evaporate. A more expensive but highly effective option is to fit a water-filter to your incoming supply. These do more or less the same job of the jug, but without you having to do much more than change the filter once in a while.
Once you have done this, you are ready to increase your water intake, but don't expect to do achieve the ideal (3-5 litres a day) overnight. The fact is most of us are chronically dehydrated. So much so, that our thirst reflex, which would normally make us drink regularly, is completely switched off (that feeling of being parched is NOT your thirst reflex, it is a last-ditch effort by your body warning you that your dehydration is SO severe that something MUST be done IMMEDIATELY!). As a result, many body processes are slowed own or even stopped in order to provide the maximum amount of water possible to the most essential ones, like breathing, circulation and the brain. Adding even a moderate amount of water to your daily intake will reactivate those processes, helping to digest food better, boosting energy levels and eliminating toxins that would be otherwise blocking up the system and, in many cases, causing disease.
Once you reach around 2 litres a day, your body will recognize that it is now getting sufficient water and, if you are lucky, your thirst reflex will reactivate, stimulating you to drink much more than you are used to (yes, you will have to pee more too, but this is good both for your kidneys and for excreting toxins!). Hydration tips:-
  • Drink a glass of water first thing every morning. This will kick-start many processes and boost your energy levels
  • Try to keep a glass of water handy at all times and sip from it regularly instead of gulping one down whenever you remember
  • Drink a glass of water at least 15 minutes BEFORE each meal. This will not only help your digestion, but will make you eat less too
  • If you feel peckish, try drinking water instead of nibbling. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, especially if their thirst reflex isn't working properly
  • Keep score. You should now be well on the way to 8 glasses a day, but try to keep a mental note and grab an extra glass now and then if you're falling behind - they're nothing worse than trying to chug down one and a half litres just before bedtime!
3. Supplement
There's just no getting away from it any more - the food supply is now so horribly screwed up that we could not physically eat enough food every day to provide us with the nutrients we require for total health - it is simply impossible. Way back in the 1920s, Governments were warned that the nutrient content of food was diminishing rapidly and that the soil was becoming so nutrient-deficient that it could not support the agriculture present at that time and that the problem was getting worse. Since then, nothing has been done to rectify the problem and increased amounts of crops have been grown on a rapidly diminishing amount of agricultural land ONLY by the copious (and increasing) use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. Apart from anything else, the effects of these chemcials on health have not been tested over the long-term, or, in many cases, at all. They are simply assumed to be safe by so-called regulatory agencies, whose only alliance is to the coporations that finance them and who utterly ignore their mandated responsibility to protect the interests of the consumer. The result of this is increasingly bland, nutrient-deficient "food", which provides little or no nutritional value and frequently contains toxins too numerous to mention, whose effects are neither investigated or monitored. This is grown on an ever-decreasing amount of soil as agriculture is abandoned and modern production methods Furthermore, that vast majority of people in Westernised countries no longer even eat the raw fruit and vegetable produce referred to above, but consume highly processed meals, whose very production guarantees the destruction of any pre-existing nutritional content. In a very few specific cases, this is so serious that "food" manufactureres are forced by law to fortify their products with vitamins and minerals, however, this NEVER replaces the original content of the ingredients that was lost in the manufacturing process, let alone what would have existed had they been grown on preoperly maintained soil. In this situation, which is still worsening day by day, there is no alternative but to supplements our food with 4. Eat organic 5. Detoxify 6. Avoid ALL processed foods 7. Exercise 8. Take responsibility 9. Grow your own 10. Inform yourself 11. Be discerning and consistent.


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