Defending against the Flu and the vaccine

Background - 2009 "Swine flu" (H1N1)

swine flu H1N1 virus

What's really happening?

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few months (and if ever there has been a justification for doing so, this story is surely it!), you will have been bombarded by the media into a frenzy of fear by the promised global flu pandemic.  It is said that tens, hundreds of thousands, even millions are expected to die as the result of the dreaded H1N1 virus suddenly morphing from a mild, inconsequential flu into a “seasonal monster”. This, as various ‘authorities’ have assured us, will make it a virtually unstoppable killer, which will decimate populations around the World, in much the same way as the 1917-18 “Spanish Flu” did.

As the virus is “new”, humans, it is said, will have no natural protection from it…unless the fantastically responsive and public-spirited pharmaceutical industry can somehow produce enough of their miracle vaccines in time to save us.

Or so the story goes.

Day after day, night after night, in the newspapers, the TV news, current affairs programs and wherever else it can catch a sound-bite, this is the ‘reality’ we are spoon-fed by a compliant media with nothing better to do than take the latest Government spin and ram it down our necks so often that it becomes a truth by repetition. “If they’re all saying it, it must be true”, mustn’t it? 

Well, sit down, get yourself a cup of water/tea/coffee or even a stiff drink – you might need it – and we’ll examine the  evidence to see exactly what the threat is and what we must do to protect ourselves and those we care about.

The 2009 “Swine Flu” Pandemic

What “they” tell us.

As the media (TV, Newspapers, etc), “health” authorities, Governments etc would have us believe, a new virus appeared suddenly in spring 2009, first in Mexico, then quickly spreading to other parts of the World.

Because this virus is “novel” (i.e. new) to science, it is assumed that humans will have no defence against it and that it will become a major threat to international health, requiring a response from Governments and health authorities around the World (including the World Health Organisation (WHO), which has appointed itself as THE definitive international health body – more about them later).

As a result of this, the pharmaceutical industry has requested (and been given) a number of previously unthinkable incentives to develop the “vaccine” that we are being persuaded is the only thing that can save us, namely:

Apart from being highly unusual, these measures are questionable at best and, as will be seen, may be not only immoral and socially unconscionable, but quite probably highly illegal, equating to fraud on a massive scale and even criminal insanity.
Prior to any vaccine even being available, the public is being conditioned to accept it without question and to harbour fear, suspicion and aggression towards anyone who, for whatever reason, declines to be vaccinated voluntarily. Some Governments (see below) have already passed legislation to enforce vaccination upon their populations, whilst most others (under pressure from the WHO) are hastily amending existing plans and legislation to make this possible.

If this were occurring in one or two countries, it might be dismissed as a local phenomenon and the whims of an overprotective Government. However, this is not the case – the problem is global and regardless (indeed IN SPITE) or the evidence, it affects us all. There are many reason why this might be so, but none is so secretive, so full of deception and so downright concerning as the WHO.

For now, let’s stray from the story presented by the media and stick to the verifiable FACTS of what has happened so far this year:

The story so far:

Official “Swine flu” death rates

Death rates

(as at 7 July 2009)


85 of 4,910 (1.7%)


127 of 27,717 (0.46%)


311 of 70,893 (0.44%)


Each of the above facts are verifiable from a multitude of sources and demonstrate that what is going on in Governments and the media has absolutely NOTHING to do with the arrival, spread and virulence of this “novel flu”. If this is the case (which it patently is), then what is the agenda? Who is behind it?

And perhaps most importantly, what can we do about it?

Perhaps a few short history lessons are in order. After all, the old adage is still true “he who does not learn from the mistakes of the past is doomed to repeat them”.

The most recent and perhaps the most obvious example with which we can compare is the “bird flu” scare of 2005. It has many parallels to the current situation and can teach us a lot about both what is intended and how to deal with it.

The 2005 "Bird flu" scare

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