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December 13, 2006

Things have been very busy over here at NHIC. We have redesigned many of the pages and are working hard on some whole new subjects, which we hope to have online shortly after the holidays.

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The lessons of Prof Doll and disclosure of interests
12-12-2006 5:09 pm

All the recent caffuffle around the "revelation" of Prof Sir Richard Doll's backhanders from grateful pharmaceutical companies comes as no surprise to some, ouselves included who have been only too aware of these dubious goings on for quite some time.

Rather than being the exception, collusion between industry and academia is very much the norm, with very little done either to police it or even to ensure that conflicts of interest are even declared in relevant proceedings. Just a few examples are clear from some of our messages just last week - US Government Doctor charged for taking drug company money, Cancer Prof shows his true colours and many other examples show that this kind of academic prositution is rife in the medical field.

Whether it is taking drug company money for clinical studies (which are VERY well paid, let me assure you), trips abroad, equipment purchased for departments, "discounts", "sponsorship2 of academic positions or even the funding of complete departments, there are extremely few doctors who do not benefit ,either directly or indirectly from pharmaceutical connections.

Add to this the revolving door between Government and big pharma (see aspartame for more info on this), and what emerges is a pretty clear and disturbing picture of conflicts of interest in virtually every case.

Unfortunately, it seems that our super-ethical medics don't seem to regard the ethics of this as an issue, as their own reviews show that a pitiful percentage actually declare these conflicts of interest, or even consider them to exist, despite overwhelming evidence that it affects their clinical decisions (if it didn't would the drug companies really be spending billions on it every year?).

It is high time these intellectual whores were brought to account and if the actions of the late Prof are followed up, it can not fail to become clear just how innocent he was, at least in comparison with todays "independent" medics, whose educational is entirely bought and paid for by those whose profits they ensure day after day.

Is it any wonder that simple, natural remedies are poo-pooed by these puppets, despite (as in the case mentioned above of the cancer prof) copious evidence that modern medicine does far more harm than good and equally copius evidence that traditional forms of medicine do far more good than harm.

Any objective audience would say that the difference is clear, but then there is no such thing as an objective audience when the whole field is slanted towards just two treatments - drugs and surgery (which , of course, required lots of drugs) surprise, surprise, surprise!

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