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Natural Health News, Issue #001 -- Amended issue
April 08, 2005

Our apologies for the wrongly-formatted links in this, our first issue. We have now amended these and include a new, complete copy of the newsletter below. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. Untitled Document

Natural Health Information Centre

WELCOME to Natural Health News!

It's true, we've finally got around to producing our first newsletter after two years of developing the site, and what an issue - first, the great news from the European court, then our latest development - keep up to date with changes to the site with our RSS news feed!

Alliance for Natural Health wins the first battle in the war over the "illegal" European Food Supplements Directive.

In what can only be described as a landmark victory, the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) yesterday (5th April) celebrated a huge vistory over Codex Alimentarius and its friends in Government with the announcement by a European Judge that the proposed European Food Supplements Directive is illegal.

Advocate General Geelhoed of the European Court of Justice announced his opinion that the ANH was correct to challenge the directive and that, in his opinion, the directive was illegal.

No nutritional content in most foods
Due to the rapidly declining vitamin and mineral content in most foods (see modern farming methods), many people now rely ENTIRELY on food supplements for their daily requirements of vitamins and minerals, whilst the majority of the population suffers increasing levels of disease as a result of the chronic malnutrition caused by the consumption of foods utterly devoid of meaningful nutritional value.

The food supplements directive would have made this situation even worse by denying these forward-thinking people access to the very supplements that many believe are the only thing that keeps them healthy. Over 75% of all food supplements would have been banned by the directive, which was due to come into force on August 1 2005. It would have classed all supplements as "drugs", meaning that manufacturers would have had to put together hugely expensive dossiers to prove that natural products, including nutrients in their natural forms are safe - a prohibitively expensive exercise for this low-margin industry.

The utter stupidity of the directive is clear to anyone with a basic understanding of nutrition. The directive would have meant that:-

  • The natural, effective for of Vitamin E would have been banned, whilst synthetic versions that have been linked to dangers would be allowed.
  • The synthetic form of the essential mineral selenium would be allowed, but its natural alternative, found in brazil nuts, would not.
  • The very people that recently legislated to make cannabis legal would have criminalised Vitamin C, the body's main protection against heart disease!

Whilst this victory is a welcome one, the war is not over yet and Natural Health Information Centre urges EVERYONE to back this campaign to ensure we all have access to the nutrients we need now and for the future. The ruling on the directive will not be known until around June, but it would be very unusual to ignore the Advocate General's opinion.

By contacting your MP and forwarding this newsleter to as many people as possible, you can help make sure that this oppressive directive is consigned to the history books under the heading "what might have been".

Despite the expected victory in Europe, the US may not escape the food supplements crackdown.

Proposed FDA Action May Cause an Exponential Decrease in Health

In a continuation of its policy to support the pharmaceutical industry by limiting freedom of access to health-giving nutritional products, the FDA is set to ban many perfectly safe natural health products. Citizens must take action to protect their right to proper nutrition, which is almost impossible without supplementation.

For some years, the pharmaceutical lobby has been successful in having the FDA tighten the screw on the nutritional products that keep many people from ill-health, whilst approving dangerous, health-damaging drugs as “treatments” (e.g. In American hospitals alone, 106,000 people die every year due to drug side-effects, whilst precisely none die from nutrition-related side-effects.)

In fact, Doctors are now the leading cause of death in the USA – causing more deaths than cancer or heart disease, and costing over 700 lives every day.

Not content with this situation, the FDA is now setting up the killer blow for the manufacturers and retailers of the nutritional supplements and natural health products many rely on to stay healthy. Having failed the first time round, the FDA is “reviewing” the DSHEA (the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act, Docket 2004N-0454), with the clear intent of making many perfectly safe and popular natural supplements illegal.

Prior to the original bill in 1994, 2.5 Million concerned citizens contacted Congress to make their concerns known with the result that these products were correctly classified as “foods” rather than “drugs” of “food additives”. A similar response is now required if perfectly safe, health-giving supplements are not to be lost now for good, along with the right to protect one's health as you see fit.

Concerned citizens should contact their member of Congress , representative or visit the Health Action Center, where they can get more information.

Natural Health Information Centre gets RSS-wise and provides its very own news feed.

You may wonder what the funny orange buttons you see on so many websites these days are all about, you may not have even noticed them, but one thing is for sure - they are the way forward in providing news and alerting poeple to website updates.

RSS, or Real Simple Syndication, to give it it's proper name, is not new, but has mushroomed recently as a way to keep up to date with your favourite sites. It works by placing a special page on the site, written in the XML programming language, which provides details about recent updates to the site. This file can be read by other sites and displayed as content on them (a good way to get news out about your site), or it can be read by an RSS Reader, a small software progam on your computer that scans the sites you are interested in regularly and lets you know when there's been an update.

No SPAM, just juicy news!

The great thing about it is that you don't have to give out your email address, or any other personal information for that matter, you just tell your reader to monitor the page by entering the feed address, and it does all the checking for you whilst you remain totally anonymous. Here at NHIC we have been testing RSS readers and feeds fora couple of months now and we're totally addicted - no need to visit sites just to check them, no SPAM emails to wade through just clear, fresh, up-to-the-minute news from the sites that interest us most.

You can find out more about RSS at our "What is RSS" page. If you are already familiar with it, you can add our feed by clicking either of the buttons below and pasting the link into your RSS Reader. You can even have our headlines come straight to the content page of your MyMSN or MyYahoo account, just click on the links or use the buttons below.

Natural Health RSS Feed

Whether you love or loathe it, RSS is here to stay, and makes it much easier to stay up-to-date.


In our next issue, we'll be bringing you up to date with both the US and EU nutritional supplements fights and taking a trip into the world of food additives to give you a report on the Sudan 1 dye that has been causing so much alarm recently.

Until then, we hope you enjoyed your first issue of Natural Health News and are making the most of the spring sunshine, and do feel free to forward this message to your friends!

Brian Adamson

Natural Health Information CentreNatural Health Information Centre

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