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Natural Health News, Issue #2 -- E-book launches x 2!
May 16, 2005
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Natural Health Information Centre

NHIC launches its first (and second!) E-book

After all the excitement of last month's inaugural issue, we were really excited about what we had to tell you this month - so much so, we had to get it finished first, so apologies for the lateness of this issue (we don't so much set a publication date as sent out the E-zine when there's enough to fill it!).

And what an issue we have for you - our first AND SECOND publications, with a great extra opportunity for YOU to benefit from spreading the NHIC message.

E-book "All About Natural Health" hits the press (well...not literally)

First of all, we have packaged up the whole site into an E-book that can be read on ANY computer (PC or MAC).  The whopping 300+ page book contains all the great information available on the site in an easy-to-use Ebook format you can take anywhere and have available for reference anytime.  Best of all, you can navigate it just like the website, and as we add new pages, we'll (periodically) update the book so that you can stay up-to-date AT NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Distributing the whole site like this was a big risk for us because it, for the first time, gives people access to all our content in an easy, simple package. However, we believe the information on the site is SO IMPORTANT that this overrode our concerns and its all there - warts and all (Hmm, maybe that's an idea for a new topic - join the back of the VERY LONG queue!).

You can download the book (it's in the universal PDF format that requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader) from this page, which will take you through the secure payment process with Clickbank, one of the most widely used (and secure) payment systems on the net. 

Once you've paid the small $24.95 price for the book, you can download it straight away and we'll send you the security code to open it.  (We're sorry we had to do this, but E-books are easy to copy and we think it's right to protect copyright material!).

After that - read it, enjoy and PLEASE send us your feedback  - thanks.

Make some extra ca$h by GIVING away our FREE mini-E-book!

We Also wanted to make sure we could give you - our loyal readers a way to benefit from our book, and, boy do we think you'll love this? 

We have created a mini-version of the E-book , dealing with just the cholesterol / fat / heart disease portions of the site - perhaps the most important areas for most people - that you can GIVE AWAY for free to your friends, co-workers and even your enemies :-)

Now, that's a LOT of FREE information we're giving away, but it just might help some people take action on their health and stop them becoming the victims of the allopathic medicine system.  Of course, in the free book, there is a link to the page where you buy the complete book and - here's the great bit - if you use the free little tool you can download from the site, you can customize the free book so that if anyone you give it to makes a purchase - YOU get a whacking 50% commission - yep, HALF the total proceeds of the sale.

To benefit from this, you need to have an account with Clickbank, our payment processors, but it takes literally a couple of minutes to create and is entirely FREE.

Of course, it your friends give it to their friends, who give it to their friends, those 50% commissions could add up VERY quickly into a nice extra bit of cash - as a thank you from us!

You can read more about the FREE Ebook and download it and the free branding tool here.

Of course, one of the main things about the NHIC site is that it is free and readers can check out as much of the 200+ pages there for nothing.  Whilst that won't change, it does mean that we also hold down full-time jobs and one of the reasons for the book is to generate a little bit of income so that we can start to reduce our other commitments and perhaps even work full-time to research, write and bring you even MORE top-quality natural health information.  At the moment we have enough material for HUNDREDS more pages, but just don't have the time to write it all, so by buying the book, YOU could be helping US  to make it even bigger, better and full of even more great natural health information.

Update on the "illegal" European Food Supplements Directive.

It's nearly time for the judgment from the European Court in Brussels on the calamitous "European Food Supplements Directive" which proposes to ban over 75% of all nutritional supplements.  After the senior Judge last month declared it "illegal", there is hope that it will be thrown out, but let's make sure!  What can you do?

Contact your MP and explain your outrage at this travesty.

Contact your local paper and ask them why they have scandalously IGNORED the whole thing

Support the Alliance for Natural Health - the group that has taken on the goliath of Brussels and looks like it is about to give them a very red face.

Here's a reminder from last month of the kind of nonsense that's being proposed.

The utter stupidity of the directive is clear to anyone with a basic understanding of nutrition.  The directive would have meant that:-

  • The natural, effective for of Vitamin E would have been banned, whilst synthetic versions that have been linked to dangers would be allowed.
  • The synthetic form of the essential mineral selenium would be allowed, but its natural alternative, found in brazil nuts, would not.
  • The very people that recently legislated to make cannabis legal would have criminalizedVitamin C, the body's main protection against heart disease!

Whilst this victory is a welcome one, the war is not over yet and Natural Health Information Centre urges EVERYONE to back this campaign to ensure we all have access to the nutrients we need now and for the future.  The ruling on the directive will not be known until around June, but it would be very unusual to ignore the Advocate General's opinion. 

By contacting your MP and forwarding this newsletter to as many people as possible, you can help make sure that this oppressive directive is consigned to the history books under the heading "what might have been".


In our next issue, we'll hopefully be reporting on the death of the FSD and bringing an update on the US situation.  We'll also be reporting (belatedly) on the Sudan 1 dye that has been causing so much alarm recently and other food additives.

Until then, we hope you enjoyed this issue of Natural Health News and are making the most of the spring sunshine, and do feel free to forward this message to your friends!

Brian Adamson

Natural Health Information CentreNatural Health Information Centre

PS. Don't forget to download your FREE mini-Ebook that you can give away to your friends, or why not buy a copy of the complete book?

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