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Natural Health News, Issue #2 -- E-book launches x 2!
July 06, 2005
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You will do nothing more important to protect your health freedoms than watch this video and ACT

Pre-empting the European Court's dismissal of the European Food Supplements Directive (FSD) as "Illegal", the pharmaceutical cartel known as "Codex Alimentarius", a thinly disguised industry group posing as a public guardian have brought forward their own decision on Vitamins and Minerals (neither of which they have defined in any way!).

In one fell swoop, they have enacted everything that the FSD proposed whilst ignoring delegate issues and the illegality of their own actions.

We will discuss NOTHING else in this issue - SEE the evidence, MAKE your mind up, and, most importantly, ACT.

Codex is illegal.   Codex runs roughshod over both individual choice and national sovereinty. Codex is simply WRONG.

To find out more, watch this video (you will need the "quicktime" application, which you can get from here, or visit the Alliance for Natural Health website, watch the movie there (the 1,2,3 banner at the top) and pass this information on to all of your friends.

Appeal to your Congressman, Representative, Member of Parliament or other elected representative.

If you do nothing, expect to receive nothing.

The time to act is now.

This is SO important that we will discuss nothing further on this issue until the European Court Decision announcement on July 12th 2005.

Watch. Think. Act.

Brian Adamson

Natural Health Information CentreNatural Health Information Centre

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