Avoiding Food Toxins

Getting well by eating well

Avoiding food toxins these days is not easy. Many of you have written to us in horror having noticed harmful chemicals like propylene glycol not only in your toiletries and wash products, but also in your food!

This is clearly NOT a good thing and one that you definitely need to address.

So how do you avoid food toxins? What are they? What foods are they in? How do you tell? And, of course, why bother?

Why do they put toxic additives in our food?

Common sense would say that our food should be pure, clean and healthy if it is to sustain us and not cause harm. Unfortunately, common sense and business, especially the "food" business, do not seem to go hand in hand.

There are many reasons why toxic ingredients are added to food, and NONE of them are for the benefit of the consumer.

Some additives are there just to "bulk" out food with something cheaper than the main ingredients, some are "enhancers" of some sort or another, such as MSG and Aspartame. However, the really nasty habit that has begun to spread like wildfire in processed food manufacturers is to use chemicals that actually cause us to eat MORE.

There are chemicals that make us more hungry, chemicals that stop us feeling "full-up", chemicals that give us food cravings, even chemicals whose only purpose is to make us fatter! The one thing all these food additives have in common is that they have absolutely ZERO benefit to us and, in many cases are actively harmful.

How do I avoid food toxins?

If you are really serious about avoiding nasty chemicals, it is no good using toxin-free personal care products if you then go ahead and eat foods that contain the very same toxins!

Avoiding these harmful ingredients means taking action, taking responsibility and paying attention. You need to know what to look for, where to look for it and what foods are most likely to contain the worst chemicals.

This needn't be a big deal and quickly becomes a new (and very positive) habit, which will make a massive difference to your health and the health of those you care about. Given that many modern diseases are directly caused by what we put IN and ON our bodies, avoiding those things gives our bodies a chance not only to stop the progress of existing "diseases", but to begin to recover and, in many cases completely get rid of otherwise debilitating and unpleasant problems, such as allergies, diabetes, arthritis and so on.

So, where do I find out what to do and how to avoid toxic foods?

Grocery Warning System

By far the best guide we have found was written by "Health Ranger" Mike Adams, who runs a number of natural health websites. Mike is a true humanitarian and his E-book "Grocery Warning System" is a definitive list of Do's and Dont's, showing you what to look for, where to find it and how to avoid it.

He also explains how many of these food "additives" are damaging to health and how to help reverse the damage that has already been done whilst preventing any further deterioration.

We have massive respect for Mike and his book and thoroughly recommend it for anyone serious about their health, especially as food gets more and more toxic and avoiding food toxins gets harder and harder to do.

You can buy "Grocery Warning System" directly from Mike's site here GROCERY WARNING SYSTEM (be sure to order the PDF version for instant delivery).

Order today and you will receive not one, but SEVEN free gifts as a thank you:-

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Avoiding Food Toxins

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