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Body GuardBody Guard
Body Guard is formulated from the finest deep-sea shark liver oil to provide maximum protection against oxidative stress, boost the immune system, and promote cardiovascular health.

There are very few things that are certain in life, however, one certainty is that we all age. Everyone wants to slow the aging process because it results in a variety of health concerns.

Researchers are finding that the main cause of aging is oxidative stress. This can be likened to the rusting of a car as it ages. Oxidative stress can result from both internal and external factors. Internally, our bodies generate energy, 75% of this energy is in the form of heat calories. This heat causes oxidative stress to degrade the cell membranes of our body tissues. Externally, sunlight, pollution, and even the food we eat can increase the oxidative stress on our bodies.

Researchers have now found that one of the best methods of protecting yourself from oxidative stress is by supplementing with shark liver oil. Shark liver oil is obtained from sharks, caught for food purposes only, living in cold, deep oceans. Shark Liver Oil is rich in essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

Shark Liver Oil is also rich in alkylglycerols, which are naturally found in mother's milk and in bone marrow. Alkylglycerol, or AKG, is a family of compounds that play a vital part in the production and stimulation of white blood cells. It is found in freshwater fish, cows, sheep, and mother's milkAKGs are one of the active substances that give breast-fed babies crucial protection against infection until the infants' own immune systems are fully developed.

It is in the liver of the deep-water shark where AKGs are found in greater concentration than any other place on earth. Supplementing one's diet with AKGs, in the form of shark liver oil capsules, seems to elevate the nonspecific immune response by causing an increase in the level of white blood cells that work for the body's immune system.

Item No: SU74090
Size: 60 capsules
Price: $38.00

Recommended Use
Body weight determines the amount to be taken. Children under 80 lb need 1 capsule daily. Adults under 160 lb need 2-3 capsules daily. Adults over 160 lb need 4 capsules per day.

Deep water shark liver oil (naturally contains Alkyglycerols, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and squalene)

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