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The Campaign for truth in medicine.

The campaign for truth in medicine is an independent group focussed totally on the importance of distributing factual medical information rather than the pharmaceutical propaganda most of us are used to.

Most people don't seem to realise that virtually ALL medical publishing is performed at the behest, expense and editorial control of the pharmaceutical industry and the so-called independent medical "advisers" it also funds.

This international cartel has been in operation for years and is responsible for many, if not all of the current misunderstandings, mistruths and blatantly misleading "data" currently in circulation, from the "saturated fat is bad" myth (created by the PR people of the vegetable oil manufacturers) to the total denial of the efficacy of proper nutrition (question: how much do doctors get taught about nutrition?  Answer: virtually nothing). 

Created and run by scientific journalists determined to bring to public attention the half-truths and outright lies that keep us going back for more and more drugs to treat "incurable" illnesses that are mostly signs of malnutrition, the campaign for truth in medicine is one of those rare things - a truly independent, knowledgeable and valuable resource that canot be tampered with by those with Governmental influence, puppet local politicians and large PR budgets.
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