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MUST READ - 1 Minute Cancer Cure

Besides being poorly understood by most, cancer - the "C" word, is perhaps the most feared of all medical diagnoses, not least because the modern medical establishment veils it in mystery and inaccessibility, largely to hide their own ignorance of its causes, prevention and (in most cases) the cure, which has been known at least for decades and probably for over a century.

It is this fear of the unknown, combined with the misplaced reverence given to cancer Doctors that leads many unwittingly to their deaths, usually at the hands of the very "treatments" they have received, rather than the cancer itself.  Indeed, oncology is perhaps the only branch of medicine that in any way considers dead patients as "treatment successes", as their many hundreds of thousands of "cured but dead" victims would rightly attest - if only they could.

This curious (and, frankly ridiculous) epithet is given to those who have "successfully" undergone butchery, masquerading as treatment by these so-called "medics", and whose "treatment" has eliminated any detectable trace of cancer cells, usually by eliminating any detectable trace of life itself.  The patient is thereby treated as a treatment "success", despite not being there to enjoy it.

This complete absurdity shows just how far modern medicine has strayed from the principles of hippocrates they claim to follow.

"First, do NO harm"

What are cancers?

Oncologists (cancer Doctors) would have you believe that cancers are some myriad collection of loosely-related, locally specific disruptions to cell biology that, therefore require local treatment only.

Nothing could be further from the truth (although truth, as we have seen above, is a somewhat foreign concept in this most ineffective of medical specialities).

In fact, all cancers have the same origins and develop by the same process, for the same reasons.  As this might suggest, It is merely a question of which part of the body is affected that decides which of the various cancers result.

Cell damage

Unbeknown to most of us, an immense battle rages continuously inside our bodies, of epic proportions.  Every day, millions of cells are born, other millions die and massive numbers are damaged either in the course of their various functions or as a result of external influences.  Like all finely-tuned machines, this damage must be repaired if the machine (that is you and me) is to carry on working properly, and various body systems have no other function but to carry out these repairs 24/7, 365 days a year.

Some toxins are more or less organ specific, e.g. alcohol will cause liver damage as the liver tries to remove it from the blood, smoking directly damages the lungs as the chemicals in the smoke are inhaled.  Others, such as environmental toxins (e.g. asbestos), water-born toxins (e.g. fluride, chlorine, estrogen) and food-based toxins (e.g. sugar, aspartame, food additives) may have more generalised effects, as they are widely distributed throughout the body.

Studies show that our bodies (and even those of newborn babies) now contain hundreds of known cancer-causing chemicals, many of which didn't even exist 50 or 100 years ago.

Healthy healing response.

Wherever it happens, damage to cells causes a similar response.  Stem cells in the blood join together to form a stem cell trophoblast, covering the injury site and preventing further damage.  Further stem cells then begin to change into the appropriate type of cell to replace the damaged ones.  Once the damaged cell is repaired or replaced, the trophoblast is dissolved by enzymes from the pancreas, along with various other co-factors, such as Vitamin B17,Vitamin C and Vitamin A, which help digest the trophoblast for excretion.

The failed healing response - cancers

When the body doesn't have the proper nutrients present, it can't make the proper trophoblast, enzymes or other compounds required in the healing process. The result is a poorly formed trophoblast, which keeps growing unchecked because of the lack of pancreatic enzymes and their co-factors, which should stop it once the healing process is complete(e.g. Vitamin B17).

Simply put, the body lacks the chemical "switch" required to turn off the healing process, and the various cancers are the result.

The role of parasites (and yeasts/fungi) in cancers.

Much discussion surrounds the role that parasites play in the developments of cancers.  Our bodies are home to billions of bacteria, most of which help us with digestion etc, but some of which have little or no beneficial function.  Normally, these are kept in check by the "good bacteria", but under certain conditions, the "bad guys" thrive, causing more cell damage, and even damaging the trophoblast itself.

Almost ALL cancers (well over 90%) occur in tissues close to storage vessels and ducts.  It is the sugar-rich nature of these cells, along with the acidic, oxygen-poor environment caused by a high sugar, high animal-protein diet that provides an ideal breeding ground for yeasts, fungi and parasites. 

Once they start to grow, they branch out filaments, called mycelia, which grow like roots into the cells, damaging, feeding off of them and leaving behind toxic waste products (mycotoxins) and fermenatation products that encourage more parasitic growth.

They even grow into the trophoblast cells, weakening and damaging them, and causing more trophoblasts to be formed from the healing stem cells.  The normal cells try to divide to fix the problem, but, in doing so, both "daughter cells" become damaged and mutated.  This is how cancers turn healthy cells into tumour cells, consuming tissue.

ALL cancer patients have a parasite problem, which is fundamental to the continuation of the growth of their cancers.

There are, of course, other elements to the story, but this is the basic mechanism by which ALL cancers develop, spread and wreak their havoc.  However, it should be remembered that very FEW patients with cancers actually die of their cancers, and MOST die of the so-called "treatments" that maim, burn and wreck their immune systems.

The real success story when dealing with cancers is one of the simple, effective cancer treatments which were devised almost 100 years ago and remain THE MOST EFFECTIVE way of treating cancers to this day - and they don't include the horrible effects of chemo, radio, or butchery.

Natural cancer treatments.

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