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Detox PlusDetox Plus

Clean out your body naturally and easily with this all-herbal formula that helps eliminate waste and toxins with Detox Plus.

Our bodies produce waste that must be eliminated.

Cleansing the bowel and the blood of toxins is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Detox Plus features 36 highly specialized herbs that have been carefully selected for their ability to cleanse and detoxify the bowel and internal organs of the body.

Detox Plus "detoxifies" the body in several different ways. Psyllium husk and rhubarb root contain natural fibers that exert a scrubbing action, which helps to remove build-up of waste that has accumulated.

Herbs such as Slippery Elm, Fenugreek, and Irish Moss, when reconstituted in body liquids, assume very slimy properties. This viscous attribute enables them to quickly gather toxins as they slowly slide through the system.

A third group of herbs help to detoxify specific body systems and organs: Red Clover for the blood, Dandelion Root for the liver, Cascara Sagrada for the colon and gall bladder, and Black Walnut and Butternut Bark for parasites in the intestinal tract.

Item No: SU74040
Size: 90 capsules
Price: $32.50

Recommended Use
Take 2-3 capsules on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of water. Works best during a short weekend, or mild fast (2-3 missed meals) during which time ample amounts of liquid are consumed and the body is not overexerting itself.

Cleavers, red clover tops, cascara sagrada, dandelion root, golden-seal extract, psyllium husk, yellow dock & black cohosh root, barberry, black walnut hull, buckthorn bark, echinacea purpura root, fenugreek, ginger root, kelp, licorice, milk thistle seed, sarsaparilla, slippery elm, butternut bark, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, marshmallow, peppermint leaf, rhubarb root, safflower, aloe, chickweed, Irish moss, plantain, rosemary, bayberry bark, corn silk extract, onion, Hawaiian spirulina pacifacae, cloves.

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