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Diets. Do they work? If so, how?
And, which one should I follow?

We have all tried one of the many "diets" at some time or other.  Whether it be just "avoiding fatty food" or "recovering" from holiday festivities, we have all tried it. 

Let's face it, diets are a fact of life, they are everywhere - on TV, in magazines, touted to us by Doctors, dieticians, nurses, Government officials and of course, celebrities.  We can buy books about diets, watch diet video and diet DVDs, subscribe to magazines about diets and find out about the latest diets fro our newspapers and TV programs.

So why are so many of us overweight, obese even?

The answer lies in our almost total lack of knowledge about diets, how they "work" and what they mean to our body.   Happily, this means that we can learn how to get over the problem and lose weight permanently, which, of course, was what we were all trying to do in the first place!

Why do diets not work, or only work temporarily?

This is one of the most common questions about diets, and perhaps the easiest to answer.  We are all (generally) aware that if we are overweight, it is because we have been eating too much of the wrong things, and probably not enough of the right things (even if we don't know what the "wrong" and "right" things are). 

Usually, we have put on the extra weight over weeks, months, even years, yet for some bizarre reason, we expect to change our diet for a few days or weeks and miraculously lose all this extra weight - does this sound reasonable to you?  Of course not.

Whilst dieting may result in short term weight loss, we almost all (and nearly inevitably) then return to our previous lifestyle of wrong foods, little or no excercise etc, and (surprise, surprise) we gain all the weight back again, usually with interest!

Face it - we are a product of our lifestyle, and if we return to the old lifestyle, we will end up just like we were before, which usually means overweight.

The only way to lose weight permanently is to permanently change your lifestyle.

If that is something that is important to you then you need commitment and you need help. Our good friend Jason has helped hundreds of people just like you to lose weight permanently and improve their fitness. He can help you too!

How overweight am I ? Find out with our Body Mass Index calculator (BMI calculator)

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