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Dioxin, the much-slated component of agent orange that has saturated coastal fish.

Most people have heard of "agent orange", the chemical defoliant used in the Vietnam war to affect large areas of forest and render them non-usable for camouflage.

Dioxin was one of the major chemicals in agent orange and is thought to be responsible for all kinds of disease reported by those that came into contact with the chemical. This is not, however, the only source of dioxin and its levels are becoming alarmingly high, especially in coastal waters.

Due to the levels of dioxin contamination of our coastal waters, several governments (including the UK) have issued warnings that the intake of fish from coastal waters should be severely limited, sometimes to as little as 200g a week!

If they know how toxic dioxin is, why allow it to continue to be pumped into our sewerage systems, thereby increasing the already toxic levels of contamination?

Fish that feed in these waters absorb the poson, which then concentrates in their liver (where the body tries to get rid of many toxic substances). Fish that feed on other dead fish (especially bottom-feeders) further concentrate dioxin and other poisonous chemicals (like heavy metals) and have even higher liver levels.

Of course, the health conscious have always known that fish and especially fish oil are good for us, and indeed they are, but the fish oil comes from.....wait for it......the LIVER! If the fish is toxic, it's liver is even more so and by further extracting only the liver oil, the toxins, like dioxin are massively concentrated.

Manufacturers know this (well, they ought to seeing as even the notoriously slow-to-act Governments have admitted it), but generally do little about it. If you are a user of fish oil , including cod-liver oil(and you ought to be!), you should check whether your manufacturer filters out these dangerous contaminants. To date, we know of only one manufacturer that does - you can buy their Omega-3 fatty acid from this web site.

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