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(Update July 2013)

Do you believe in natural health?

If you do, please read on.

If you don't then please give us 5 minutes to show you why, especially in these changing times, you should believe in natural health.

The Problem

Even the pharmaceutical industry itself (reluctantly) admits that its drugs are ineffective. Speaking as long ago as 2003, then Vice-President of Genetics at Glaxo Smithkline, Dr Alan Roses, told a shocked medical conference in London that only 30-50% of patients got ANY benefit from pharmaceutical drugs.

Others have suggested that even THIS figure was an over-estimate and sources within the Pharma industry itself suggest that the true figure is less than 4%

Yes 4% . . . . . at BEST!

Of course, many of those drugs have serious side-effects and casue all sorts of other issues . . . . which are then treated with yet more drugs, etc. etc.

Our Vision

Since 2002, our vision has been to promote natural health and to generate wellbeing through natural, sustainable methods, which we believe is the very MINIMUM standard that the Pharma industry should be giving to us, but clearly is not.

Our philosophy has been to empower you to do this for yourselves - by giving you the information that the insiders knew, but weren't prepared to make available to you so that you could protect yourselves. We believe that everyone deserves this right.

This takes a lot of time. Since even before the site was launched in 2002, we have individually put in over 11 years of our spare time - countless tens of thoussands of hours to research this information that you don't know about, but that will help you get well and stay well. Isn't that what you want?

The difference we want to make

We at NHIC are now poised to take massive steps to bring natural health into the mainstream and put this information at the fingertips of everyone who needs it.

To do that, we need your support IF you believe in natural health and what it can do to help you live a happier, healthier life. We think you want that . . . do you . . . really?

How can you help?

How much will you spend to day on newspapers promoting corporate agendas? How much on life-sapping sodas and other sugary foods? How much on fast food filled with GMOs and toxic additives?

When we launch our new service in the coming months, it will be available only to our subscribers. Minimum subscription will be £1 per month . . . . less than the average newspaper costs most people every day.

But . . . . as a thank you to our regular readers and those who help us create this major difference for everyone else, anyone who donates £10 or more BEFORE our launch will be given lifetime access to our subscription products, including all future upgrades.

We can't think of anything more valuable that we could offer - this will give you access to our very best information, products and resources.

Health freedoms are disappearing every day now. If you don't believe in natural health and choose to let profiteers in the medical and pharmaceutical industries tell you what is best, that's your decision.

But if you believe in your personal freedom to choose what is best for you and your family, as we hope you do, if you want to reduce the influence that corporate agendas have on your wellbeing and if you want to make this a genuinely better World for our children and our children's children, we need your support to help us devote 100% of our time to this valuable work which we have been doing off for free for the last ten years.

Are you ready to support us in doing this free work for another ten years?

All of your donations are greatly appreciated and go directly to helping us expand our content and provide new and better services to help YOU manage YOUR health - the way YOU want to.

Brian, Founder, NHIC

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