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Dr Mercola

Dr Merocla is THE most popular natural health site on the web.  As one of the oroginal publishers of natural health information on the www, Dr Mercola is not only a veteran of this genre, but is also one of the few MDs who not only accept the benefits of natural medidicne, but is also prepared to practice it and to make it generally available to the public.

Operating from his clinic in Baltimore, Dr Mercola is both a web and a real-world natural health practitioner.  Respected by all natural health practitioners, his site contains a huge, searchable database of articles, newsletters, comments and opinions that many use for their own analyses of medical "news" stories (including us!).

The site includes many exposés of the misconception commonly held by not just conventional medical practitioners, but the public and the media.  Articles and reviews are thoughtful, scientific and easy-to-read, unlike the deliberately confusing studies published by the pharmaceutical cartel and its tame "critics" in medicine and Government. 

In addition to a wealth of valuable information, Dr Mercola has developed specialist products of his own, which maximise the availability of high-quality, organic ingredients to derive the greatest possible health-benefit.

Dr Mercola is really a first rate resource and we can't recommend it highly enough.
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