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  • Why modern medicine is failing to reduce the incidence of killer diseases (clue: it isn't even trying)

  • What cholesterol REALLY is and why you shouldn't be scared of it

  • The sure fire way to AVOID ischemic heart disease

  • The principles of good nutrition and what each component does to keep you healthy

  • Why the recent "SARS" outbreak was a complete red herring

  • The simple way to prevent diabetes without taking drugs

  • Why most people are eating too LITTLE fat - that's right, not enough!

  • The truth behind the multi-billion "HIV/AIDS" industry that is preventing the "infected" from getting well.

  • How you can prevent your nutritional supplements from getting banned by the authorities (a cynical move to stop you from preventing disease)

  • The little-known fat that can minimize your risk of depression and psychiatric illness

  • Why we are increasingly becoming overfed and under-nourished (this little gem was known about almost a hundred years ago!)

  • The poisons you are fed daily without your permission and how to avoid them

And Much, MUCH more.

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