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angel creamE-number guide

Concerned abour E-numbers? Our E-number guide will explain whatthey are, where to find them and how to avoid them.

Click on the link for each individual e-number, below, to get the details about it.

NHIC's E-numbers guide aims to help you to identify exactly what ARE those pesky E-numbers, where do they come from, what are their effects and how to avoid them if you feel you need to.

Processed food manufacturers will tell you that food additives (and especially those with e-numbers) are perfectly safe and have been thoroughly tested. This, however is (at best) being economical with the truth. Whilst it is true that all additives that have an e-number have been INDIVIDUALLY tested for safety (in limited circumstances), few IF ANY have EVER been tested in combination.

This is significant for one very obvious reason - when was the last time you saw something that contained only ONE e-number? Chances are you never have, so the "individual" tests are meaningless.

In the guide that follows, we list all of the commonly found e-numbers, what they contain, where they come from and some of the issues that they have been thought to be involved with.

As a rule of thumb, however, the more e-numbers an item of "food" contains, the less natural and more processed it is. Our own principle is to avoid ALL processed foods whenever possible, and ESPECIALLY those that contain additives of ANY kind.

Our campaign to encourage people to eat natural, healthy foods is just starting, and will help you to avoid those things that can be harmful whilst boosting your system with natural goodness.

(if you'd like to help, please complete our short "Healthy Foods" survey to help us identify what things we should work on next).


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