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fluoride. Toxic waste added straight to your water supply

Ionic fluoride is not the same as the organic fluorine that contributes to bone and tooth health. Organic fluorine is present in a great many foods and, as it is protein bound, is poorly absorbed. Ionic fluoride is, in contrast, rapidly and completely absorbed by the stomach.

Even the enthusiasts recognise that fluoride is toxic at VERY small doses.

The history of fluoride

The concept of fluoridation (adding fluoride to foods and water) has been with us for decades. Some clever scientists noticed that organic fluorine is required with calcium for healthy teeth and bones.

Extrapolating this, the scientists decided that more fluorine may mean more healthy teeth, (although they couldn't prove this) and suggested that water supplies be "enhanced" with ionic fluoride, which is not the same compound and has different health effects!

Coincidentally, the scientists worked for large paper and aluminium manufacturers, whose industrial processes produce large amounts guessed it, fluoride!

fluoride is toxic waste. The ONLY reason it is added to water is to save the manufacturers from having to get rid of it.

fluoride and dental health

Organic fluorine, along with calcium and a little bit of help from molybdenum, forms calcium fluorapatite, which is recognised as the mineral element of teeth and bones.

Ionic fluoride does not contribute to this process and instead causes the over stimulation of the parathyroid glands, resulting in abnormal bone growth, calcification of tendons and ligaments and interrupts the process which generates energy in cells.

Symptoms of fluoride poisoning (flurosis)

Mottled teeth
Bone spurs (abnormal bony projections)
Calcification of tendons and ligaments
Chronic fatigue (may be implicated in chronic fatigue syndrome)
Flurosis may be fatal

But hasn't fluoride been shown to reduce tooth decay?


Numerous studies, mostly sponsored by the (enormously successful) pro-fluoride lobby have been undertaken in an effort to support the "fluoride hypothesis". Some of these studies have involved the fluoridation of water supplies in whole cities to study the "benefits" over non-fluoridated cities.

The results?

Non-fluoridated cities had significantly fewer dental caries!

Needless to say, the fluoridation lobby then dismissed these results as "irrelevant" in the face of the "obvious" benefits of fluoridation.

We have yet to hear of ANY health benefit from fluoridation. The only benefit that is obvious is that instead of having to pay to get rid of their toxic waste, paper and aluminium manufacturers can sell it for use in water supplies and toothpastes.

This is criminal!

Normal amounts of fluoride in the diet

None at all!

Sources of dietary fluoride

Ionic fluoride is not present in foods naturally


fluoride is not a normal constituent of the diet. It should not therefore be added artificially to the diet. If you want to boost your bone and joint health, take come calcium and maybe boost your seafood intake. Do NOT, under any circumstances, drink fluoridated water or use "fluoride" toothpaste.

It is easy to buy fluoride-free toothpastes, make sure you do.

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