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Food additives

In modern, Western societies, food additives are becoming, whether we like it or not, a fact of life.  The modern desire for fast, convenient foods mean that preservatives, anti-bacterials, colorants and other food additives are virtually unavoidable (if you subscribe to the fast food ethos).

But what effect do these food additives have on the fod concerned, it's healthiness and ultimately, what effect do food additives have on you?

Why food additives?
Food additives come in many shapes and sizes and are anything but easy to classify. Many dozens, even hundreds of chemicals find their way into food additives and just about the only thing that can be said about virtually all food additives is that they are anything but natural, in fact, all but a very select few food additives are totally synthetic and, therefore foreign to the body.

As a consequence, the body treats these chemical compounds as foreign and doesn't tolerate them very well at all. Quite apart from those food additives that are known to cause allergies, many other food additives interact with both each other and various other chemicals in the foodstuffs they are added to. As a result, we see the plethora of "food allergies", "food intolerances" and "dietary irritants" that affect far to many people today, few, if any of which even existed thirty, twenty, even ten years ago.

The simple cause of these problems is the modern reliance on fast, convenient foods and the food addiditves that make them possible. Quite apart from the fact that these food additives are not natural, very little has been done to establish their safety in normal use and few, if any food additives have EVER been tested in combination! Now, how many foods that contain food additives do you know where their is a single additive (E number).

Exactly! Virtually all foods that contain one food additive contain at least two, three, or frequently more than three food additives, yet in virtually every case, they have NEVER been safety tested in combination!

A classic case is the sweetener aspartame.

Rejected by the FDA on several previous occasions, aspartame was only finally "approved" (against the advice of their own safety committee!) when the former Chief Executive of the manufacturer, a certain Donald Rumsfeld esq, was given the authority to appoint the new chief of the FDA, whose first act approve aspartame, a dangerous carcinogen, known to be involved in brain cancers and many other health problems. Indeed, in many instances, aspartame is known to be worse than the sugar it replaces!

As a result, at least twelve international food manufacturers are now facing an aspartame lawsuit due to the effects of this tremendously toxic, harmful chemical.

Another is the popular (at least for food manufacturers) monosodium glutamate (MSG), which has been linked to many disorders from firbomyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome to MS and ADHD.

And yet, these dangerous chemicals are allowed to enter our food chain by the very people who are supposed to protect us from the commercial parasites that seek to exploit our health to boost their profits.

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