Gene Editing

The genetic modification that . . . isn't genetic modification (according to the USDA)

As consumers become wise to the dangers of genetically modified foods, manufacturers and their puppet politicians are desperately scrambling to protect the bottom-line at the expense of . . . ethics, morals, consumers and, well, just about everything else.

The latest (and perhaps most blatant) attempt comes from the US Department of Agriculture, which has ruled that a gene edited mushroom that has been altered using the new CRISPR technique is NOT genetically modified!

Yes, you heard that correctly - according to the USDA, modifying the genes of an organism does not make it a genetically modified organism - you couldn't make this stuff up.

The controversy surrounds the gene editing changes made by the University of Pennsylvania to the common white mushroom in order to reduce the browning associated with ageing. By knocking out one of the 6 genes associated with browning, U-Penn has reduced the browning effect, meaning that mushrooms can potentially stay on the shelf for longer - even though they are beginning to rot - yummy!

Knowing that the public is becoming both aware and very alarmed with the scale of genetic modification and it's potential health effects, Big-Ag is desperately seeking new ways to claim that their genetically modified products are . . . not genetically modified. This has become all the more important since Vermont's mandatory labeling law came into effect at the beginning of July 2016.

Rather than comply with the law, Big-Ag is doing what it does best and is throwing ever-increasing amounts of cash at Politicians and Government agencies in order to have their "products" declared exempt from GM labeling laws. In this case, Michael J Firko, Deputy Administrator of the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service has declared (apparently without any study whatsoever) that plant-pest sourced DNA changes do not qualify as DNA changes from plant-pest sources (yes, you read that correctly), which would require them to be regulated!

Where do they find these people? (Actually, normally from their own company labs, which have a revolving door with the agencies tasked with "regulating" them!).

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The gene editing lunatics have taken over the asylum!

This lunatic, inappropriate and clearly biased decision is just the latest of many from the agency charged with protecting the integrity of the US agricultural system, which seems to do absolutely nothing of the kind and instead protects the deep-pocketed hand that feeds it, at the expense of the consumer AND the agricultural system.

As a consequence of such inappropriate behavior and the desperate scramble to avoid labeling GMO products including products produced via gene editing) public confidence in the big agro-chemical companies and the agencies that allegedly regulate them appears to be at an all-time low. Record numbers of consumers (over 50% according to a recent study) are doing everything they can to avoid GMOs.

This is a huge concern for an industry that has gone all-in on the GMO / Gene Editing bandwagon in an effort to gain absolute control over the entire food industry. If people choose not to eat their poison, where are they going to sell it?

As a result, they must do everything they can to either change the law (look out for DARK Act #2) or to bend the rules as far as possible so as to reclassify their concoctions as non-modified when even a science novice can clearly see that they ARE genetically modified.

How to avoid gene edited products (and ALL other GMOs)

Given the efforts of Big-Ag and their political prostitutes, you might wonder how on earth you can avoid products that have been made by gene editing (as well as all other GMO products).

Thankfully, we have a solution.

Since 2013 we have been working on an iOs / Android app that puts the power back into YOUR hands, where it belongs. By simply scanning any food product at the supermarket BEFORE you buy it, you will find out if the product has ingredients that are genetically modified, allowing you to make an informed choice and to vote with your wallet.

This is the choice that Big-Ag does NOT want you to have, so act now and help us get Wotsinit? (TM) through its final development stages for an autumn 2016 launch. Without it, you will have no idea which products are GMO and which are not.

The choice, at last, is yours!

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