Genetically modified foods


It seems that not a day goes by without yet more alarming news about the rise of genetically modified foods (otherwise known as Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs). Yet, after almost 2 decades, it seems that most people are still very much in the dark about what GMOs are, let alone why, even after all this time, they are still very controversial, and, perhaps more importantly, why Governments and biotech giants are colluding to stop YOU from finding out more about them.

You only have to look at some of the most recent headlines (summer 2016) to understand just HOW controversial this technology is. From attempts to neutralize the mandatory GMO labeling law in Vermont, to the EU Commission re-approving glyphosate against the wishes of its members to the deeply disturbing DARK Act in the USA - it seems that the food companies and their political allies will stop at nothing to prevent you finding out what is in you food.

Why would they do that?

Perhaps because public opinion is rapidly turning against GMOs, as people become more informed about this most disturbing of subjects (recent research suggests that over half of US consumers deliberately seek out non-GMO products).

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Genetically modified foods - why should I be concerned?

Perhaps the single biggest reason to be concerned about GMOs is that the mega-corporations that make them (think Bayer, Syngenta, Monsanto etc) are doing everything possible to STOP you finding out which products have been modified.

Think about that for a minute. Why would they want to stop you from identifying the results of their Machiavellian efforts? If their products are SO beneficial, why do they spend untold millions of dollars preventing you from knowing just which foods contain genetically modified ingredients?

The answer is, perhaps, encapsulated in the above figure which illustrates that over half of the US population (even higher in many European countries) is concerned enough about GMOs that they want to avoid them completely. Even more concerning (to the Agro-giants) is that the number of people who want to avoid their products is growing rapidly, which means that, unless they do something to stop the rot, there will be no market for their chemical-laden, utterly unnatural products, which they mistakenly advertise as "food".

Why would people want to avoid GMOs? well, despite massive concerns raised by scientists from various disciplines, Governments (especially the US and UK) have rigidly avoided doing any meaningful research on the safety (or otherwise) of GMOs. On the contrary, their position has been one of "presumed equivalence" with traditionally-grown and even organic foods - a position which is so patently absurd that it marks them out as not only ignorant, but as utterly biased in favor of the manufacturers and AGAINST the consumer.

If companies have to resort to such tactics to hide the presence of their products from the public (rather than demonstrating the safety they CLAIM for those products), then something is seriously amiss. When Government institutions collude in the cover-up, then we should be very concerned indeed. When this happens so regularly that it becomes routine, then there is clearly a very significant issue both with the products involved and with the system that allows them (and their makers) to dictate policy in the face of considerable (some would say overwhelming) evidence.

Are there ANY benefits to GMOs?

Whenever the question of GMO safety comes up, the same tired old lines are repeated ad-nauseum:-

"Genetically modified crops improve yields"

"GMOs reduce herbicide/pesticide use"

"The third World needs GMOs to feed itself"

All of the above are not only provably false, but it is now clear that the manufacturers knew this in advance, yet STILL continue to make these false claims to this day.

For example, since the introduction of "Roundup-Ready" GMOs (designed to tolerate glyphosate, a potent herbicide), the ACTUAL use of glyphosate in the US has increased 15-fold! How ignorant does one have to be to see this as a reduction in herbicide use? (source:

The other claims made by the industry are equally as absurd, with farmers in India committing suicide in their thousands as the only escape from the massive debts incurred when GMO products were forced upon them by monopoly agricultural interests and their political apologists. This shows that they are neither beneficial to the third World, nor do they improve yields (something that has been borne out by independent studies time and again).

Are genetically modified foods safe?

This is perhaps the most important question of all.

As we already mentioned, the position of the manufacturers (and therefore Politicians) has always been that GMOs are "substantially equivalent" to their non-GMO counterparts.

If that is the case, why do they then apply for (and why do they receive) patents for their unnatural creations? Their arguments fall down with even the most rudimentary examination, which exposes their over-arching priority - profit, at any cost!

Recently though, the chink in their armor that many knew to exist was expanded into a vast chasm of exposure as the WHO declared that glyphosate (the most widely-used herbicide at the time of writing) was "PROBABLY" a potent carcinogen (cancer-causing agent). (source:

This revelation, which many consider to be a gross understatement caused utter panic in the GMO industry. As a result of their massive lobbying (and, no doubt, the exchange of large amounts of cash), the UN and WHO later held a closed meeting which said exactly the opposite of their previous statement, in direct contradiction to the actual evidence.

Collusion of this sort is not only common, but rife, and is indicative that, at least in the US, the Big-Ag tail ALWAYS wags the USDA dog, which it not only owns, but whose food, comfy bed and obedience are firmly in its control.

What can we do about GMOs?

The non-acceptance of genetically modified foods takes many forms, both passive and active. However, perhaps the simplest, and arguably most effective way yo show your contempt for these "products" and their manufacturers is to vote with your feet (and your wallet), and simply refuse to buy or consume anything that is not confirmed to be GMO-free.

That, however, can be more difficult in practise than you may think, not least because of the increasing efforts to hide the presence of GMOs from consumers.

All is not lose, however. Since 2013, we have been working on a foolproof method to identify the presence of GMOs in ANY food product. This is a huge development as it neutralizes, in a single step, the lobbying efforts of Big-Ag to prevent labeling of GMOs.

With our new app for iOs / Android devices, you can identify ALL products that contain GMOs and choose to find a healthier alternative. Coming in Autumn 2016, "Wotsinit"(TM) takes the power away from big corporations and even politicians and puts it where it belongs - in the hands of the consumer.

By helping consumers to avoid genetically modified products at the point of sale, we can make a HUGE step in showing the biotech industry that it cannot run roughshod over consumers and that, if they want to sell their products, then they need to put the customer FIRST, which would be a novel concept indeed!

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