“Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating ” (Survey)

We believe you are what you eat! So if your health is important to you then the HEALTHIEST food you can eat is food that is grown, produced and cooked authentically and in the most natural, simplest way.

Cook By NumbersWe are campaigning to encourage “Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating” as widely as possible through enabling anybody to cook authentically using natural ingredients, from scratch, and - regardless of cooking skills - to succeed first time.

To help our campaign for “Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating” and to provide you with what’s most needed, we'd like your help to identify which areas are most important to you.

As a thank you, all submissions that include an email address will be entered into a draw to win one of 10 copies of "Cook By Numbers: Indian" (well, we can't notify the winner unless we know how to contact them, can we :-)

Please support our campaign by completing the short survey below. And, if you'd like to be kept up to date with our progress, please fill in your email address at the appropriate place (we PROMISE not to use it for anything other than to keep you up to date with the progress of our campaign and the draw)

"Healthy Cooking - Healthy Eating"
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3. Where do you believe your
ethnic roots lie?

Where do you live now?
Asia (formerly USSR)
Far East
Middle/Near East
North Africa
Central Africa
South Africa
USA / Canada
South America
Indian Subcontinent
Europe (other than UK or Scandinavia)

4. Which type of cuisines do you eat regularly? (please select all that apply)

  Restaurant Take-Out Frozen Meal Cook At Home
Turkish/Middle Eastern/North African
Please specify any others that apply
5. Have you heard of “Paint by Numbers”?
If "no", what does it mean to you?
If “Yes”, what does it mean to you? Please tick as many of these boxes that are relevant to you.
I have heard of it and tried it
It makes me feel I have created something which myself and others can enjoy.
It allows me to try a new skill without investing a lot of time or money.
I have never tried it.
I have tried it and really enjoyed it.
I have tried it but was disappointed with the results.
I’ve heard of it and thought it was something for children

We have created a new concept called “Cook by Numbers”, to enable you to enjoy “Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating”.

Cook by Numbers”, is a recipe kit that contains specially prepared, pre-packed spices and herbs with simple, easy-to-use instructions that enables you, without any skills in cooking, to cook authentic recipes from around the world and succeed first time, just like an expert! All you need to do is buy the fresh ingredients to cook your favourite meal.

You can have a fun, rewarding and satisfying experience cooking your favourite meal, by following our unique and easy to use methodology.

Not only will you have a great-tasting authentic meal, you will also be eating healthily, knowing EXACTLY what has gone into your food.

6 If these products were available in your area would you try them?*
I currently don’t cook, but I would try this if it delivers what it promises.
I cook recipes that I know well, I would love to try something new.
I cook a wide range of meals but I would love something to help me to try something less familiar
I am a confident cook, but I would appreciate not having to buy a wide range of specialist herbs and spices just for one meal.
I can cook ethnic food, but I don't cook it often and my spices get old and stale by the time I use them again. It would be great if I could have just the right amount of spices for my favourite meal,that I could guarantee were fresh every time.
I am a confident cook and would not be interested in anything new.
I don’t cook
7 If you were to use "Cook By Numbers", what would be the benefits to you? Please choose from the following any that apply to you.
I Save money by cooking my favorite dish
Enjoyable experience cooking my favorite meal
I enjoy healthy eating, knowing what has gone into my food
I can impress my friends and family with my new culinary skills
8 If a “Cook by Numbers” kit was available for your favourite recipe, how many servings would you like it to cater for?*
9 If these products were widely available, how many times would you use them to cook your favourite authentic meals from around the world?*
If you selected "other", please tell us why

10 If a “Cook by Numbers” kit was available for your favourite recipe and the pack served four people, how much would you be prepared to pay for it in US Dollars, excluding postage?(Each pack contains the recipe and all spices and blends, just add your favorite meat and vegetables)

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Thank you for helping us understand how we can best serve you with our “Healthy Cooking – Healthy Eating" campaign. If you have provided your email address, we will be in touch soon to tell you how the plan is progressing and what we aim to do next.

This section of the site is currently expanding rapidly to reflect this new priority for us, and so will be updating regularly over the coming days, weeks and months, so make sure you check back to keep up with the latest developments.

In the meantime, we have lots of other information to help you with your health, wellbeing and nutrition. Feel free to browse and please, please recommend us to your friends.

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