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Natural Cancer Treatment

When considering a natural cancer treatment, we have to think about what cancer is and how it develops. This enables us to direct the most appropriate natural cancer treatment (or treatments) towards the specific problem.

Although they work in different ways, using various methods and ingredients, there are a few principles to almost all natural cancer treatments that are fundamental to their success. Before we identify some of the treatments we believe are most effective, it is worthwhile revieing these principles, as they will help avoid some of the pitfalls and doing things that are counterproductive during treatment.

1. Alkaline diets

Our bodies naturally have a pH that is a little on the alkalike side of neutral. Unfortunately, though, modern lifestyles lead most of us to have systems that are actually slightly acidic. Whilst our bodies are able (to a certain extent) to cope with this, it can (and does) lead to all sorts of issues.

One of these is cancer, as there is good evidence to show that ALL cancer patients have sytems that are more or less acidic. This enables many of the cancerprocesses to operate much more rapidly than they could in an alkaline environment, maling the problem worse over time.

Many natural cancer treatments therefore include diets of variuos shapes and sizes. Almost without exception, one of the effecxts of these diets is to make the system alkaline again, slowing down (and even reversing) the cancer process.

2. Oxygenation

Closely linked to body pH is the availability of Oxygen to the cells and tissues. Healthy, alkaline bodies are high in oxygen, whilst sick, acidic bodies have poor, low oxygen levels.

Natural cancer treatments therefore frequently include one or more elements that are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that is available to the tissues, which in turn helps to establish a normal pH. Cancer cells find it very difficult to survive in an environment which is both rich in oxygen and alkaline in pH, both of which support healthy cells and natural healing processes.

3. Anti-fungal treatments

Virtually without exception ALL cancer patients (and a good proportion of other western people) have very high levels of fungi in their gut (and other tissues). Apart from leading to digestive disturbances that can prevent the absorption of essential nutrients, this can directly enhance cancer processes by damaging cells and by injecting otherwise healthy cells with the toxic by-products of the fungi themselves.

Many natural cancer treatments therefore specifically target these fungi and are very effective in reducing their numbers and therefore increasing health in general as well as repair of the damaged cancer cells.

Whilst modern medicine rarely does more than harm those that present with cancer (and butchers the statistics as well as the patients), natural medicine has its own thougts to offer that may be not only more effective, but far, far less damaging.

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Natural Cancer Treatment

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