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May 2011

The FDA recently lost a landmark case - one of many where they have been persecuting providers of natural medicines and remedies. This could also be very helpful for the upcoming court action in the EU, where the authorities there are trying to ban the use of virtually ALL herbal medicines.

At the same time, many people have been concerned about the effects of radiation from the Fukishima nuclear disaster in Japan. Irresponsible commentaries from politicians and industry figures have suggested that there is nothing to be concerned about when radiation levels have already breached what are commonly referred to as "safe limits" (even though there is no safe dose of radiation). Our radiation detox article tells you what you need to know and how you can protect the health of those you care about.

Cook By NumbersAt around the same time, two superb new movies have been released about the importance of good food. "Dirt the Movie" is a superb update on the state of soil around the World and why food supplies will quickly dry up if something is not done about it. Not long afterwards, "inGREEDients" came along to highlight just what is going into all that processed food that advertisers want us to eat and, more importantly, why! Both should be required viewing in schools around the country and around the World.

Our own adventures in food are gathering pace and we'd be really grateful if you would help us by taking 30 seconds to complete our "Health Cooking - Healthy Eating" survey. It really IS that quick and 10 of those who complete it will be lucky enough to win a copy of the wonderful step by step guide to creating your own delicious curries(even if you've never cooked one before) "Cookbynumbers - real cooking made easy".


Grocery Warning SystemWe've also recently teamed up with the people from the wonderful "Natural News" site to give you a whopping 42% discount off their indispendable guide to avoiding toxic chemicals when you're shopping at the supermarket - the "Grocery Warning System" which comes along with a HUGE range of free gifts, including

And last, but certainly not least, we recently wrote a review of the "Energy Bands" and "Balance Bracelets" that have become so popular recently. Taking the most "powerful" of all the bands we could find, we set out to discover what they are and how they work. The results were VERY surprising and are not to be missed!

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