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Natural Medicine - medicine without the pain.

Natural Medicine is not something with which most people are familiar and conjurs up all sorts of images, from wierd pills and potions to strange rituals and activities. However, nothing could be further from the truth and natural medicine is just that - helping the body to recover its own health in the most natural way possible.

Let us ask you a question. What does "healthy" mean to you?

Does it mean going to the doctor once a year for the "all-clear"?

Does it mean putting up with the aches and pains, asthma, diabetes or other chronic problems you've "always had", but being otherwise OK?

Does it mean taking several pharmaceutical drugs every day but not getting any "worse"?

Or does it mean having ZERO health problems, ever?

THAT is what we mean by healthy, and that is the aim of all natural medicine - to restore the body to how it should be functioning and keep it there!

Unfortunately, few of us can say that we are truly HEALTHY. Whilst we may not have anything we consider "serious" wrong with us, we get the occasional cold or other infective "bug", put up with the aches and pains we associate with our age and generally try to solve our medical problems with drugs, both those we get on prescription from our doctor and others, such as paracetamol and aspirin, that we can buy from the pharmacy or drug store, so they must be OK, right?

What we don't generally recognize (or even consider, in most cases) is whether there is any real alternative to this. Do we really have to take drugs just to stop us feeling ill? Do we have to accept that getting older means we will feel worse all the time? Or is there perhaps something we can do to stop or even reverse the problems we have been led to believe are "unavoidable" as conventional medicine (allopathic medicine) tells us.

Natural medicine (in all its guises) tries to do exactly that. To help our body to prevent illness by building up its reserves and systems and to give it the tools it needs to repair and damage or fight off and infection it may come accross in its daily activities.

This whole concept of preventative natural medicine is totally foreign to many people, not least the doctors most people rely on for what they call "health", whose only answer to any problem is to either give drugs or chop out bits of the body they don't think are working properly. . . . then give LOTS of drugs! But that is not surprising as the education of doctors in ALL Western countries is paid for totally - 100% - by the pharmaceutical industry, whose only interest is increaing its profits, which means it must either increase the amount of disease in the World or the amount of drugs used to treat any particular disease.

Wouldn't some measure of prevention be much better than the ongoing treatment of symptoms with drugs increasingly being taken for life, even for relatively minor conditions? Wouldn't the CURE of disease be highly preferable to a life sentence on drugs with highly questionable benefits and blatantly obvious "side-effects"?

That's what we believe in the natural medicine community, where prevention is the aim and treatment of the CAUSES of disease, rather than the symptoms, the aim of ANY treatment.

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