Negative Ion Bracelets and health

myth or miracle?

Several recent mainstream articles by such esteemed scientific journals as the British “Daily Mail” have vilified the increasingly popular “Negative Ion Bracelets” and “Power Bands” that claim to use negative ions to improve physical performance and possibly even benefit general health.

Par for the course, a set of “experts” are wheeled out to ridicule the subject in question, normally using language that is unfamiliar to the general public and so sounds scientific and authoritative. In this case, it was assumed that the negative ion bracelets have no therapeutic effect and than any effects experienced by people wearing them must therefore be caused by “the placebo effect”.

Now this, in itself, is quite amusing and a great illustration of the logic involved. Here we have “scientists” quoting an effect (the placebo effect) that they can't explain . . . to explain something else that they don't understand – and they don't even see the irony in it! (although some of the newer branches of science understand the placebo effect, the mainstream utterly refuses to consider anything outside its comfort zone).

Of course, these are the very same type of experts (with the same industry ties) that recently told us that “radiation is safe” and helped bodies such as the US EPA to overcome minor problems like the radiation level in milk being 300% higher than the normal limit. . . NOT by reducing the radiation content of the milk, but by INCREASING the allowable limit! Ah, don't you just love industry-funded scientists?

As I showed in my article "Negative Ion Bands – a radical theory” both science and common sense explain why being surrounded by negative ions is not only a good thing, but positively beneficial for health. Thousands upon thousands of studies have shown this to be the case over almost 100 years and continue to do so. In fact, when the atmosphere contains no negative ions, those animals unfortunate enough to be in such a closed environment inevitably die. The introduction of negative ions ONLY has been shown to reverse this almost instantly, even after the environment is so poor that the animals have lost consciousness. Conversely, positive ions have no such effect and may well actually cause harm.

Unfortunately, what passes for journalism nowadays has little to do with facts and much more to do with selling cheap, tacky “newspapers” and their TV equivalent. If the truth weren't already hard enough to find, you certainly wouldn't find it any easier via these intellectually-challenged sources, whether itis neagtive ion bracelets you are interested in or anything else.

So if you want to carry on watching your positive-ion generating TV, listening to your mobile phone that chucks out even more positive ions whilst in a room full of even more positive ions from your WiFi router, you carry on right ahead and act surprised when you develop one of the many modern “illnesses” associated with such equipment.

If, however, you can see why it might be good getting more of the same kind of ions you get from a refreshing shower, sitting by a waterfall, paddling in the sea or going out after a thunderstorm, then get yourself a negative ion generator for your home and a negative ion bracelet for when you are anywhere else (and get the most powerful one you can).

It just might be the smartest thing you have ever done.
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