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Omega3 and mental health

On 16th June 2004, the BBC Six O'clock news ran an item about Omega3 fatty acid and it's role in mental health.

The story told about the work of Professor Michael Crawford and how "recent discoveries" show that omega3 is important for proper brain and nerve function.

Using billingsgate fish market as a backdrop, the reporter interviewed Professor Crawford about these "stunning breakthroughs" and the effects this "discovery" would have on nutrition, mental health and brain function.


We first saw Professor Crawford discuss omega3 and its role in brain function, especially in children and babies around 8 years ago!  Back then, he was (as he is now, and as WE are) a staunch supporter of omega3 supplementation during pregnancy - something the rest of his medical colleagues probably wouldn't even think about.  Indeed, friends of ours have recently been told by GPs that is is unsafe to supplement ANYTHING during pregnancy, showing their complete ignorance  of maternal nutrition.

As stated by Professor Crawford, Omega3 deficiency has been linked to everything from birthweight of babies and prevention of premature birth to depression, aggression and rates of heart disease and other mental illnesses.

This is not surprising. As we have been telling you for some time, omega3 is one of the main components of brains cells.  Without it, they cannot function properly, as situation many have come to regard as "disease" or "mental illness".  The simple fact is that omega3 is one of the most important nutrients for brain, nerve and mental health.

Simply put, if you don't feed your brain, you can't expect it to work properly.

Supplements such as body guard or Omega3 EPA are not only easy to obtain, they are one of the simplest an most effective ways of delivering high-quality, bio-active omega3 to your system, ensuring your brain and nerves can function to their full capacity.

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