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Synergy Worldwide Independent DistributorOptima Skin Care

Do you follow your daily skin care routine faithfully, but your skin still looks dull, clogged, and lifeless?

Use Optima Skin Care products for vibrant, younger looking skin.

The "first generation" of skin care occurred years ago when cosmetics enhanced the look and feel of the skin indirectly with creams and lotions. Efforts were made to compensate for losses in skin composition by adding moisture and emollient waxes. Unfortunately, these techniques only temporarily improve the "feel" of the skin.

The "second generation" introduced ingredients that protect skin from environmental damage (pollution, free radicals, and UV radiation), which causes premature aging. Products that tout antioxidants and vitamins are in this category. Although protection from environmental factors is a very important part of skin care, these products were not truly "anti-aging."


Synergy WorldWide is poised for success with its current commitment to bringing the most advanced technologies for skin and hair treatment to the market. The first technology embraced by Synergy was Gen III, which represents one of the latest advancements in anti-aging technology.

Gen IV
The Fourth Generation of Skin Care

Gen IV uses enzymes and biotechnology to enhance your skin’s recovery capabilities and to delay aging. These special enzymes that exist in nature, as well as in your body, are designed to repair damage to cellular DNA caused by exposure to solar radiation. The repair enzymes are placed in a liposomal delivery system designed to penetrate your skin, enter your cells, and release the enzymes for use by your cells.

Liquid Crystal Technology

In order to make a creamy lotion there must be an emulsion of oil and water. Most lotions contain soap-like ingredients in order to keep the oil and water mixed together. These can be extremely harsh on the skin, damage the skin’s natural barrier, and increase the loss of precious moisture. The truth is that most lotions create the dry skin problems they are touted to repair. Synergy has created a special emulsion that we call Liquid Crystal Technology which is free of harsh detergents and soaps.

With Liquid Crystal Technology Synergy can create a luxurious emulsion that is actually good for your skin.

Barrier Repair Technology

The top layer of our skin is responsible for keeping “good things in and bad things out” of our body. It is a barrier that must work well to keep the water in (or moisture) and foreign matter or allergens from entering. The problem is that many things can attack this barrier, including harsh cleansers, UV exposure, hot water, cold air, and conventional lotions and soaps. Synergy’s Barrier Repair Technology in our skin care products is a patented and proprietary combination of fatty acids, lipids, and cholesterol which work together to repair and normalize the skin’s barrier. This complex helps the process of normalizing the skin’s barrier function more rapidly than the skin could achieve on its own.

DNA Repair Creme

DNA Repair Technology—a technological breakthrough that actually renews your skin's appearance from the inside out. More...

Delicate Face Cleanser

An extra-mild pH balanced cleanser with antioxidant and nutritive vitamins and botanicals that leave your skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. More...

Revitalizing Toner

Revitalizing Toner is the final step to cleansing. It gently sweeps away pore-blocking impurities, restores pH, and prepares your skin for moisturization. More...

Anti-Aging Serum

Shield your skin from the negative effects of aging and the environment. Anti-Aging Serum with Gen III technology visibly reverses the signs of aging at the cellular level. More...

Advanced Face Cream

Reverse the visible signs of aging with Gen III technology and help your skin achieve its optimum moisture balance. Advanced Face Cream is quickly absorbed. It protects the skin, leaving it soft, radiant, and resilient. More...

Angel Cream

Angel Cream is a rich and soothing skin balm that helps relieve most dermatological complaints including the dryness associated with psoriasis and eczema. More...

White Foaming Cleanser

White Foaming Cleanser is a delicate face cleanser that helps smooth skin tone and works together with White Milk Lotion and White Essence. More...

White Essence

White Essence is a rich and soothing skin serum that helps smooth skin tone and works together with White Milk Lotion and White Foaming Cleanser. More...

White Milk Lotion

White Milk Lotion is a light moisturizing lotion that helps smooth skin tone and works together with White Foaming Cleanser and White Essence. More...

Skin Care Sample Pack

The Sample Pack contains Delicate Face Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, Anti-Aging Serum, Advanced Face Cream, and DNA Repair Creme. These five products, when used together, can dramatically impact the way your skin looks and feels. More...

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