Defending against the Flu and the vaccine

Prevention and Treatment



Prevention of the threatened "swine flu" is little different from prevention of "normal" seasonal flu and consists of both common sense and less-common defensive measures.

Thanks to the utter control that the pharmaceutical companies have of all national regulatory agencies, this is where I have to be a bit careful, as they make it illegal to talk about any "treatment" that does not involve drugs OR for any non-medic to give what could be construed as medical device.

I am therefore going to pass on to you the sound advice given by natural physician Dr Joseph Mercola and give you a few links to some other inofrmation about which you can make up your own mind. That way I AM NOT GIVING YOU MEDICAL ADVICE, merely passing on information - what you choose to do with it is up to you (don't you just hate the way they try to control everything...grrrrr!).

Dr Mercol recommends:

Boost your immune system (for example, with regular exercise) and consider the following supplements

And avoid, if you can

Exercise is hugely important to immune system function and boosts many other body processes - try to get at least 20 minutes vigorous exercise 3 times a week, especially in the winter. (fitness and health permitting, of course).

There are a number of other products that are though to have important functions in relation to infectious disease. Almost without exception they have been ridiculed and even criminalised by the medical profession, usually because they work so well!

You are strongly recommended to find out more about colloidal silver and Miracle Mineral Supplement

Treatment of Flu

We've all been there and it's not pleasant. Although many people talk of having the "flu" whenever they get a sniffle, true influenza is downright debilitating and usually keeps you in bed for a week or two at least.

Keeping yourself and your immune system healthy is a great form of insurance against the flu, but what can you do once it strikes?

Most medical advice centres around bed rest, plenty of fluids and, if family is to be believed, grandma's chicken soup (the old ways are often the best!). However, the above "prevention" methods would not hurt and many people swear by natural products such as grapefruit seed extract, which I personally have tried, to excellent effect.

As has already been said, the current "swine flu" is reported by the WHO themselves as being "generally mild" and less significant than the usual seasonal flu varieties, so you really should not stress yourself about it. The most important thing is that you inform yourself and take some simple precautions (such as those mentioned above) as well as taking reasonable steps to avoid known sources of the flu, such as schools and, of course, hospitals!

Nothing is more important in the fight against infectious disease than a healthy immune system. Your job is to get it healthy and keep it there - then it will look after you when any nasty bugs come a-knocking.


Anti-pyretics (anti-fever medications) such as aspirin and paracetamol can be VERY dangerous if you have the flu. If you have not already read it, please read the page on 1917-18 "Spanish flu" for more information.

Avoiding the Vaccine

Regulations and laws concerning the right to refuse vaccination vary from country to country, however, basic human rights allow you to refuse the forced administration of ANY substance into your body. If in doubt, refer to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 for further information (just Google it), as well as your national Human Rights legislation.

There are, however, some very brave souls who have taken it upon themselves to provide specific information regarding the various processes already established to register your protest and protect yourself from forced vaccination. For further information see THIS list of vaccine exemption procedures.


The much-hyped "pandemic" the media have been ramming down our throats for months now is far less dangerous than the "vaccines" they are trying to persuade us (or force us) to take as a "preventative" measure. Time after time the same arguments have been used to cause mass fear and panic in exactly the same way as they are been used now. On each occasion, not only was the "threat" created and manipulated by the media, Goverments and pharmaceutical companies, but the solutions that they provided were far more dangerous than the infections they claimed to be preventing or treating.

This year's event is, however, MUCH more serious than the previous efforts, such as "bird flu" and the 1976 "swine flu". Not only have the pharmaceutical companies and WHO been caught trying to release the very "threats" they claim to be protecting us from, but their lobbyists have secured immunity from prosecution IN ADVANCE of either any pandemic or the beginning of a vaccination program. This is a highly suspicious and cynical move and should be ringing alarm bells the World over. Remember, both the totally un-natural virus and the vaccines were PATENTED in advance of the emergence of this "new" flu-strain in early 2009. If this is not a clear indication of criminal conspiracy then nothing is.

The eugenecists at the WHO have already stated their objectives very clearly - to massively reduce the human population and to establish a sigle World-Government (with them at it's head, of course). They are unelected and answerable to no-one except themselves.

What happens next?

That depends on YOU. What you do will have an enormous effect on your family and what we do collectively will decide whether this conspiracy is allowed to go ahead or not. It simply CANNOT happen if enough of us stand up against the tyranny that masquerades as Government around the World. There are too many of us to "vaccinate" forcibly unless the masses somehow volunteer for their poison.

Most likely the media will begin to hype up the "problem" again as the flu season approaches. As the first "vaccines" are released, there will be a HUGE increase in cases of the "flu", invariably caused by the vaccines themselves. This will be used to pressure EVERYONE to get themselves vaccinated voluntarily. Once the majority have done so, they will be manipulated to treat anyone who has not been vaccinated with suspicion and to "inform" on them whenever possible.

After that, those who refuse will be "invited" to reconsider, before being either forcibly "vaccinated" or taken to one of the many "quarantine" facilities (i.e. prisons) that have been specially constructed around the World (but especially in the USA). There is masses of information, including video of this available from a simple Google search.

Only WE THE PEOPLE can stop this.

What should you do?

1. Inform yourself. Do not take my word for it. Follow the links and check out the references. Do your own research and come to your own conclusions - the evidence is there for those with eyes to see.

2. Spread the word. This document is free and can be copied without restriction - send it to your friends, upload it to websites, file sharing communities etc. (I will be creating torrent files etc and hosting them at Natural Health Information Centre). The more people that are informed, the fewer will become victims of this criminal insanity.

3. Prepare your immune system as recommended by Dr Mercola in our "prevention" section above and encourage others to do the same. YOU are the only person responsible for your health. Use that responsibility wisely.

4. Refuse to cooperate with ANY vaccination "campaign". Peaceful resistance and if necessary rebellion is not only our right, it is our responsibility when Government ceases to operate for the benefit of the people. Note that I said PEACEFUL resistance - violence is not the answer and will only encourage the martial law that has been carefully prepared for us in recent years.

5. Continue to educate yourself, get informed about the REAL issues facing us and STOP watching the mindless junk that is pumped into your mind via the media, and in particular TV (that includes the "NEWS", which is nothing less than propaganda issued by the PR departments of the various organisations involved in this whole charade.

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