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Population control of a different sort!

The one thing that can be shown to be consistent in all of these recently threatened “pandemics” is that the joint forces of mass media and it’s Government accomplices have done everything they can to create fear, panic and a demand for action amongst the general population whilst strictly limiting any rational discussion of the “problem”, proper comparisons or factual accuracy.

This is, in fact a well tried-and-tested technique, commonly referred to as problem-reaction-solution.
In short, this requires that some massively-dangerous bogey-man (or at least, a concept of one) is “discovered”, which threatens to undermine any and all aspects of society that the population find either comforting or enjoyable.  This has the desired effect of creating untold fear, panic and desperation, at least in the media themselves, justifying their own subsequent calls for an urgent reaction to prevent the said bogey-man from bringing on doomsday.  At no point is the public required to participate in the process, although if they do, it clearly adds extra leverage to the situation and makes them even more likely to accept the draconian “protections” that are prescribed to resolve the issue, which then quietly fizzles away, given that it didn’t really exist in the first place.

Of course, now and again, there has to be a real, preferably spectacular event to justify all the false alarms and these are now arriving with increasing regularity and convenience just as the “required” legislation needs a boost to gain approval by either the public or their supposed representatives in Government.  In fact, such convenience, once it is recognized, becomes blindingly apparent and massively worrying in its frequency and proximity to important events such as elections and the passing of “safety and security” legislation like that implemented in the last few years. As an example, the “Patriot Act” that was rushed through the US Congress following the horrific 911 events is recognised as having stripped numerous basic rights from US citizens, as well as breaching the US constitution, that frustratingly troublesome “piece of paper” that GW Bush hated so much. Once the event had happened, the conveniently pre-prepared bill was wheeled out and passed without dissent, vastly degrading human rights in the process.

As Benjamin Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

Inevitably, it occasionally backfires, and who can forget the recent humiliation of the British Prime Minister when his utterly unjustified attempt to increase detention without trial from 14 to 90 days was denied by Parliament.  Of course, it will appear again, in some other guise, in the not-too-distant future, probably after another “terror” attack, just to give it a boost.  What was completely ignored by the media in this particular event was the totally scandalous use of public money to fly Government ministers back from important foreign engagements in order to support the ego of a Prime Minister by adding their votes to his plan.  Isn’t it great to have a free press!

In the case of pandemic flu, the intention is obvious, and is most blatantly evident in the actions of the US Government.  During the bird flu debacle of 2005, having created the panic, it announced that not only would the Government pay almost 4 BILLION dollars for antiviral medications and vaccines (from which Defense Secretary Rumsfeld is set to profit very handsomely), but it would also seek to release a further $6-10 billion for provision of a vaccine against a disease that had yet to arrive in the country, let alone kill anyone. 1

Of course, the 2009 is no different, with big pharma netting huge Government subsidies to create the “vaccine” quickly, as well as selling millions of doses of untested and potentially deadly “vaccine” to both Government and the uninformed public, who are most likely going to be FORCED to have the vaccination, whether they want it or not.

However, there is one aspect of the 2009 swine flu outbreak which is decidedly MORE sinister than usual, and may be the worst example of “problem-reaction-solution” that we have ever been unfortunate enough to experience.

In early 2009, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, of Vienna Austria, packaged and sent 72Kg of “vaccine material” to laboratories in 16 other countries, for production of that winter’s seasonal flu “vaccine”. Not mentioned on the labeling, packaging or anywhere else was the fact that Baxter had generously included a rather novel extra ingredient – LIVE H5N1 Bird Flu! 2 The contaminated material was destined to be used in the production of millions of doses of “flu vaccines”, which , had they been administered  to the public as intended, would have sparked a massive pandemic with the potential for a very high mortality rate.

In addition to the mortality and morbidity that could be expected just from having the live bird flu in the vaccine, its proximity to the “live attenuated” bugs that were MEANT to be in the vaccine provided the ideal breeding ground for the virus to mutate from the relatively uninfectious bird-specific strain that was used, to a new, super-infectious human variant – the very thing that caused all the concern about “bird flu” in the first place!

Ever so conveniently, some 3 years earlier, Baxter had signed a very lucrative deal with the Austrian Government to provide 16 million doses of “bird flu vaccine”, should such a pandemic evolve. The success of their attempted distribution would therefore have been VERY lucrative, both within Austria and in the international markets.

We only know about this case because of the extraordinary courage shown by two people. The first is the lab technician who took it upon himself to test the material received in the Czech republic and discovered the H5N1 “surprise”. The second is the highly respected medical writer who discovered the story in a local paper and decided that something was not quite right about it being absent from ALL the mainstream media.

Jane Burgemeister was perturbed that such a potentially huge and fatal release of highly dangerous (and strictly controlled) material was being utterly ignored by the national media in Austria, as well as the media elsewhere. As a consequence, she started researching the issue and eventually filed criminal charges against Baxter with the Austrian Police, in an attempt to have the matter properly investigated and relevant actions taken. Quite rightly, she questioned how such dangerous material, which is supposed to be kept in secure “level 3” biohazard facilities (the 2nd highest degree of biohazard containment) could possibly have been “mixed” with routine vaccination material.

Jane Burgermeister Explains the Baxter Debacle

(Internet connection required to view video)

By all normal standards both of good manufacturing practice and biohazard containment, this should not have been possible and certainly couldn’t have happened by accident. The uncomfortable conclusion was that it MUST have been deliberate, which opens a whole new pandora’s box of criminal possibilities. Consequently, the charges, which are very detailed and specific accuse Baxter of attempted Genocide. They now also involve both the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Austrian Government, who, it is claimed, were both complicit in trying to cover up the whole event.

Coming in such close proximity to another incident, where canisters of “swine flu” material were being transported on a PUBLIC train in Switzerland, and mysteriously exploded, causing much fear, panic and a great deal of contamination 3, this event is EXTREMELY suspicious and may well go down in history as one of the worst cases of “problem-reaction-solution” ever discovered.

1 Wang P. Avian Flu: Inoculate Your Portfolio. BusinessWeek. Online edition.

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