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Riviera Skin Care
From sun-damaged to youthful skin

Too much sun this summer? We all know that the sun damages your skin, but what can you do about it, and how is it affected by your skin-care routine?

Most skin-care preparations (especially anti-ageing creams) use chemicals to draw up water from the sensitive lower areas of the skin to "puff up" the surface, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, but actually dehyrdrating the skin over time.  When the skin has been subjected to prolonged sun-exposure, these effects are increased and added to by the DNA damage caused by the UV rays in sunlight, which are especially strong on the riviera.

Normally, there is nothing that can be done about the DNA damage, or the gradual loss of collagen from the skin as we get older, but that has now changed.

DNA repair creme is a new preparation that uses natural enzymes found in healthy, young skin to repair the DNA damage and reverse the effects of the sun on exposed skin.  No other product uses this proprietary technology, which is especially effective on skin that is sunburnt or has had prolonged sun-exposure.
In addition, as we age, the structure of our skin changes.  As in the diagram below, the amount of highly elastic type 3 collagen found in young skin reduces significantly and is replaced by more fibrous type 1 collagen.  This is what leads to sagging skin and wrinkles.

old skin - young skinThe older skin on the left has much less of the orange-staining type 3 collagen and elastin, which keep the skin flexible and young-looking like the childs skin on the right.  In addition, there are large areas of white, damaged collagen fibres.

Fortunately, the technology now exists to reverse this process.  Products containing the liposomes specific to third generation skin-care actively stimulate the living lower areas of the skin to producs more type 3 collagen, making it more structurally similar to youthful skin and reducing wrinkles and sagging in the process - naturally.

skin elasticityIn only 1 month, clinical tests have shown a significant improvement in skin elasticity (see diagram below) which leads to less wrinkles and younger-looking skin.

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