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SLS-Free Childrens products

Childrens Shampoos, soaps etc free from SLS and other chemicals

Childrens, and babies in particular are especially vulnerable to products containing harmful chemicals. As a result, it's more important than ever to mak sure that the cleansing products you use on your kids and babies are free from harmful chemicals. Doing so should help you avoid those annoying and persistent problems such as nappy rash, that can be difficult to get rid of.

In addition, we all know that babies skin is not as tough as our own and that they are more likely to swallow bubbles, lick soaps etc as part of their general oral investigation of everything they find! It is conforting, then, to know that the bath products you use don't contain any chemical nasties that could cause serious problems.

We have been researching SLS-free products for almost 10 years now and the list below is the results of all that hard work. There are still gaps, so if you can help us fill them, please let us know :-)


These SLS-free childrens proucts are mild, gentle and contain no SLS / SLES / Parabens or other harmful chemicals.

Recommended Child and baby SLS-free products

SLS-free products and Recommended products for kids
SLS-Free Soaps Natural Soap
SLS-free Shampoos Herbal shampoo 100% natural
SLS-Free Hair Colouring Natural hair colouring
SLS-free Bubble-baths Aromatherapy bath crystals
SLS-free Tooth paste Natural Toothpaste and the wonderful Toothsoap
SLS-free Laundry detergent (we are currently searching for a provider of chemical-free detergents - if you know one, please let us know)
SLS-free Childrens soaps / shampoos Natural shampoo
SLS-free Body wash Natural body wash
SLS-free Shave cream His and hers shave soap
SLS-free Cosmetics Chemical-free cosmetics(Select "mineral makeup" from the top menu to see the fantastic range)
SLS-free Mouthwash Finally - we found it! "Swish" Natural Mouthwash
SLS-free Skin cleanser Natural Cleanser
SLS-free Moisture lotion / Moisturiser Natural Hand and body cream


If you are a manufacturer and would like your SLS-Free products listed here, please contact us and we will consider them.

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