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SLS-Free Cosmetics

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Finding SLS-free cosmetics has perhaps been one of our hardest - and one of our most important tasks.

Unlike other types of products like toothpastes and shampoos, which have SLS-free options, cosmetics without toxic chemicals can be very hard to find. Not only that, but when it comes to cosmetics, manufacturers have a virtual free hand - they can put in virtually whatever they like with next to NO oversight whatsoever.

As a result, many cosmetics contain multiple known cancer-causing agents and other toxic nasties which few people without a chemistry degree would even be able to spell, let alone recognise.

Let us fix that for you.

We have found cosmetics, cleansers, skincare products and more that are free from SLS, propylene glycol, parabens and many of the other nasties you commonly find in skincare products.

SLS-free cosmetics and hair treatments

If finding chemical-free soaps and natural shampoos is difficult, then finding natural cosmetics that are free from nasties is next to impossible.... at least, it used to be.

Thankfully, there are now companies that make entire ranges of chemical-free cosmetics that are just as attractive, effective and affordable as their regular competitors.

One of the worst thing about regular cosmetics is that they are not regulated, so manufacturers can put in (literally) what they want . . . . and they do! There are literally hundreds of known cancer-causing chemicals used in cosmetics, a fact which has now been known for decades, but these are such profitable products (and consumers are generally none-the-wiser) that the industry has continued to use them despite the growing scandal.

In our opinion, the natural cosmetics below are some of the best available and will have you looking and feeling your best WITHOUT risking your health - enjoy!

Natural Cosmetics Cosmetics can legally contain just about ANY chemicals, including known cancer-causing chemicals. Learn how natural beauty and personal care products and remedies can enhance your life!

SLS/SLES-free Cosmetics and toners

Natural and organic facial toners and clarifiers

SLS/SLES-free Eye Cream

YouthShield Naturals Hyaluronic Defense Eye Cream with Squalane & Arnica

"Hydrating eye cream reduces the visible signs of aging & fatigue, including dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles & fine lines for a rested, younger, lifted look "

SLS/SLES-Free Hair Colouring

Natural Hair Dye

This henna based liquid does not contain chemicals and is being used by many people who have allergic reactions to their permanent hair dyes. This liquid will help cover the grays as well as condition the hair with botanical plants and herbal extracts.

SLS/SLES-FreeHair vitamins and treatments

Natural Hair Treatments

Hair Vitamins & Hair and Nail Supplement with Biotin and Whole Food Nutrients

SLS-free skin care

SLS/SLES-free Sensitive Skin wash

ClearSkin-E Eczema Cream

Natural skin care cream with vitamin E to promote normal healthy skin

SLS/SLES-free Acne / Pimple removal and prevention

ClearSkin Acne Gel

"Natural skin cream with essential oils to support clear skin and maintain a smooth, trouble-free complexion"

SLS/SLES-free itchy/scaly skin treatment

Skin Dr.

Homeopathic remedy relieves symptoms associated with eczema such as dry itchy skin & rashes

SLS/SLES-free Exfoliator

YouthShield Naturals Get Buffed Exfoliator with Glycolic Acid 3.5%

"Anti-aging exfoliating wash buffs away dull skin and impurities for brighter, polished skin and a radiant, younger looking complexion "

SLS/SLES-free Childrens rash treatment

Chikkie Spot Soother

"Natural cream to stop children or adults from itching rashes, blisters or red spots on their body"

SLS-Free Skin Cleanser

YouthShield Naturals Everyday Gel Cleanser with Lycopene

"Anti-aging gel cleanser removes all traces of make-up & skin impurities leaving skin smooth, comfortable & moisturized"

Still not sure about how to avoid chemicals and toxins in your cosmetics - ask the experts!

Have a question about natural remedies or an ailment? Our free Ask Our Experts service can help!

Natural Health > Harmful Products > Sodium Lauryl Sulfate >
> SLS-Free Cosmetics

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