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SLS-Free products 

SLS-Free soaps

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Soaps free from SLS and other chemicals

Trying to find SLS-free soaps? Look no further.

If you're looking here, then we're pretty sure you already know the dangers of SLS / SLES and other harmful chemicals, if now, click the links above to find out more (you can always click the "back" button to get back here).

Due to popular demand we have researched for you a list of products that are free from SLS, parabens and other harmful chemicals. Without a doubt, we receive more requests for SLS-free products than anything else, and soaps are one of the worst offenders (along with everything else that "lathers").

You won't find these SLS-free soaps and cleansers in your supermarket, but at least here you can click, order and know that they will be with you in a day or two :-)

We previously recommended Neways products, but now hesitate to do so, not because the products aren't great (which they are) but because we had too many complaints that the Neways site was too difficult to use and products too hard to find. If you'd still like to use them, please follow one of the links above, then click "products" and select "hair care", "dental care", Skin care" etc as appropriate.

SLS-Free Soap / Body Wash / Bath Products

SLS/SLES-free Body wash

YouthShield Naturals Foaming Cleanser with Alpha Hydroxy 10%

"Anti-aging foaming cleanser gently dissolves oil, dirt & make-up revealing soft, supple, radiant skin without over-drying "

SLS/SLES-free Bubble-baths

MellowMama Aromatic Bath Oil

Relaxing and therapeutic aromatic bath oil to promote relaxation during pregnancy

SLS/SLES-free Face Wash

ClearSkin Skin Wash

Natural facial cleanser is a skin care product to nourish skin and clear pimples for a blemish-free face

SLS/SLES-free Deodorant


Homeopathic remedy for excessive sweating

If you are a manufacturer and would like your SLS-Free products listed here, please contact us and we will consider them.

Natural Health > Harmful Chemicals > Sodium Lauryl Sulfate >  SLS-Free products 

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