Trouble getting iodine supplements

by Christina

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Iodine Supplements

Q. I have read that many suppliers of iodine supplements have already run out and people are hoarding supplies. Do your sources still have iodine in stock?

A. We have also read a number of reports that pharmacies and even some specialist suppliers are running low (or have already run out) of stocks of their Iodine supplements that are commonly used by people concerned about radiation sickness.

Whilst we are not directly linked to the products mentioned on our pages, we understand that the manufacturers still have amply stocks and have asked them to keep us appraised of the situation. You can still get stocks of the iodine supplment "Detoxadine" via
Iodine Supplements

Please bear in mind that the risk from events so far seems to be low for North America (though this could change), so be responsible and try not to hoard stocks that you don't need - others have needs too!

Iodine Supplements

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