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Vaccinations - a panacea for the biotech generation?


Vaccinations - the asnwer?

Predictably, no sooner was the commotion regarding the impending disaster of a bird-flu pandemic unleashed than the media (and therefore the public) started jumping up and down demanding that the pharmaceutical companies be allowed to develop new vaccines and rush them to market, approved or not and to hell with the cost! 

In the UK, and presumably elsewhere, the pharmaceutical PR machine used its shark-like sense of smelling profit and kicked into overdrive, flooding our “news” and media with “we can do it… with a huge slice of Government funding (oh, and, by the way, can you excuse us the regulatory process please?)”, “inadequate stocks to treat everyone” and “bird-flu could save our factory” messages designed to lull us all into

A) accepting that the “pandemic” is unavoidable,
B) expressing our indignance at the “uncaring” authorities and
C) somehow thinking such a tragedy could be a positive thing – if only for big pharma and its paid-for-many-times-over, hyper-profitable production facilities.

Having worked for many years in the marketing and clinical research departments of 4 different pharmaceutical companies, I know just HOW profitable they are and exactly how far they are prepared to go to increase the bottom line!

In fact this has been the case with every recent health issue from infections to MS, “ADHD” to cancer – it seems that trial by the media (which actually amounts to no trial at all) is adequate to stir up sufficient frenzy to scare the authorities to act, regardless of the consequences, proper procedure or, most worryingly, the evidence.

And let’s be clear here, the evidence for vaccines is conclusive and it is very, very bad.

Since their humble, trial and error, indeed, barbaric beginnings 1-6, the development, testing and manufacture of vaccines have changed very little.  They have NEVER been shown to be consistently effective, have ALWAYS been shown to be seriously dangerous (just look at the information leaflet that comes with ANY vaccine for proof!) and regularly fatal. They almost always contain contaminants and preservatives in concentrations that are known to be extremely toxic and which exceed safety limits many times over.

Of course, this is in direct contrast to the average public perception of vaccination. The public has been conditioned by many years of innuendos, semi-truths and downright lies, into accepting that vaccination is the answer to just about everything and especially those nasty, dangerous infective diseases that used to kill lots of people (didn’t they?).  In fact, the reality is somewhat different and when understood is very disturbing as a precedent for the control of public perceptions.

To begin with, children these days are being “vaccinated” against more and more relatively innocuous diseases.  Whereas in the sixties and seventies, a child might have had 2 or 3 shots, many children now receive 16 in the first 18 months of life and 28 by 5 years! 7 This is lunacy. The preservatives alone contained in these “vaccines” have the potential to totally destroy a child’s immune system – and we wonder why so many children are developing allergies?  Let’s look at some of those preservatives and other vaccine contents.

Apart from the bug the vaccine is supposed to be protecting from, vaccines contain many and varied chemical concoctions, whose presence is justified either as a preservative (i.e. to stop other bugs from growing there) or as an adjuvant, which is supposed to increase the effectiveness of the vaccine itself.  The most common of these are:

Thimerosal: A preservative composed primarily of the toxic metal mercury, one of the most poisonous substances known to man. Effects, “Ten of 13 infants exposed to topical applications of a thimerosal tincture 0.1% for the treatment of exomphalos died; Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health” 8

Formalin: Another preservative largely composed of formaldehyde, which is used primarily as embalming fluid and for preserving clinical specimens of tissue indefinitely. Effects – “In a survey of 57 embalmers who were exposed to atmospheric concentration below 2 ppm, there was a high incidence of symptoms of irritant effects on the eyes (81%) nose & throat (75%). Other respiratory effects included cough (33%), chest tightness (23%), wheezing (12%), & shortness of breath (11%). On the basis of the results, 10% were acute bronchitics, & 30% were chronic bronchitics.” 9

Aluminium Sulphate: An adjuvant thought to boost the effectiveness of the vaccine.  Aluminium is toxic in water and thought by many to be responsible for alzheimers disease. Effects include “involving the digestive, (sore throat, gastric upsets), skin rashes, backache, and musculoskeletal problems; and with general neuropsychological (anxiety, depression, cognitive problems such as partial loss of memory and concentration ability) complaints and generalized fatigue.” 10

Phenol: A disinfectant, known poison “Phenol is toxic with a probable oral lethal dose to humans of 50-500 mg/kg. Some individuals may be hypersensitive with lethality or serious effects at very low exposures. Rapid absorption and severe systemic toxicity can occur after any route of exposure including skin. Death and severe toxicity are usually due to effects on the CNS, heart, blood vessels, lung, and kidneys.” 11

Ethylene glycol: Normally used as antifreeze, this is the chemical that sparked the 1980s Austrian wine scare. Effects - “Available data from acute poisoning cases indicate that the kidney is the critical organ for the toxicity of ethylene glycol. Available data are inadequate to assess the potential adverse neurological or immunological effects associated with long term exposure to ethylene glycol, although neurobehavioral and neurological disorders have been reported in cases of acute ethylene glycol poisonings in humans. In the limited number of investigations examined, neurological effects have not been observed at doses below those that have induced renal toxicity. 12

Benzethonium chloride: Another antiseptic. Effects include “Ingestion may cause vomiting, collapse, convulsions, coma.; Highly toxic by ingestion; 1 gram may be fatal.” 13

Methylparaben: another preservative and antifungal. Effects include “as constituents of antibacterial ointments, dermatological preparations, and proprietary lotions and skin creams ... /parabens/ are recognized causes of severe and intractable contact dermatitis.” 14

vaccinationsAnd the daddy of them all, Squalene.

Although a normal component of healthy brain and nerve tissue, and a beneficial component of olive oil, squalene, when used in vaccines, is extremely dangerous. The reason for this seems to be the method of administration. Whereas olive oil can be broken down in the gut into its component parts for transportation around the body, squalene (as an oil and water emulsion) is NEVER found in the blood. When injected as a vaccine “adjuvant”, however, it is administered directly into the blood, causing a massive immune response (which is, of course, exactly why it is used). Unfortunately for us, this immune response is not helpful. Recognising the squalene as foreign, the immune system develops antibodies to attack and remove it, as foreign substances are NEVER tolerated in the blood. So far so good.

However, the immune system can’t distinguish between squalene in the blood and squalene elsewhere (e.g. the brain and nerves) and starts attacking all the squalene it can find – with devastating results.  The first vaccine to contain a squalene adjuvant was the disastrous one that killed and paralysed many thousands in the threatened “swine flu epidemic” of 1976. Although the “outbreak” was limited to the army infectious disease base where it started, the public were persuaded to queue up for “vaccinations” voluntarily, and kept coming until the insurance companies said they would not pay for it any more, as too many people were dying and developing the debilitating nerve disease which came to be known as “Guillain-Barré syndrome” (it should, of course have been called vaccine-mediated neuropathy, but that would have been too obvious). In the end, the deaths and crippling disabilities are EXACTLY what you would expect from a “vaccine” containing squalene.

But that didn’t stop the pharma companies, no way. Although they tried to hide it for many years, information is now leaking out concerning the “vaccinations” given to soldiers that took part in the first Gulf War in 1990. “Gulf War Syndrome” is a very well recognised collection of problems suffered by a HUGE proportion of the soldiers involved in that conflict. Characterised by multiple different nerve and brain disorders, amongst other things, it therefore comes as no surprise that the “anthrax vaccine” that was given to ALL soldiers without consent or ANY information concerning its contents, did indeed contain squalene 15,16,17. The resultant plethora of problems faced by those returning from the war (and the MANY deaths associated with “Gulf War Syndrome”) speak for themselves.

The vaccines so far announced for the 2009 “swine flu” ALL contain squalene, and in doses far exceeding those in the two cases just mentioned, some say 100 times more. Look out for the adjuvants MF59 in Novartis products, AF03 by Sanofi-Pasteur and AS03 in those produced by Glaxo-Smithkline.

All this would be bad enough if it was unexpected, but it wasn’t. Animal studies of squalene have been conclusive, leading several countries to ban its use to date. A 2000 study published in the American Journal of Pathology demonstrated a single injection of the adjuvant squalene into rats triggered “chronic, immune-mediated joint-specific inflammation,” also known as rheumatoid arthritis 18. In other studies, all of the injected animals died.

        “Animal studies using this adjuvant have found them to be deadly. A study using 14 guinea pigs found that when they were injected with the special adjuvant, only one animal survived. A repeat of the study found the same deadly outcome.” 19


As can be seen, when taken alone, any one of these “components” is toxic and can cause major problems, including death. Taken together in various combinations, as is the case in EVERY vaccine, it is a recipe for disaster and a major assault on the myriad delicate systems that control all body processes, not least the immune system.

The case against vaccines is compelling.  Why else would the Vaccines Compensation Program exist?

In order to demonstrate just some of the tricks of the trade, let’s look at how the first vaccines were conceived and created. As will be seen, little has changed in recent years.

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