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Vitamin B17
(Laetrile, Amygdalin)

Commonly known as the "anti-cancer Vitamin", Vitamin B17 has been the mainstay of treatment for various cancers in "alternative" treatment centres for many years.  Unfortunately, "modern" medicine has lambasted, pilloried, slandered and dismissed this most useful of Vitamins, which (amongst other things) probably explains why cancer rates are forever on the increase in Western cultures.

It is a sad fact of Western culture that, where there is no obvious profit, NO treatment will make it beyond concept stages. In fact, so determined are Western pharmaceutical companies to profit from Vitamin B17 that they are currently making tremendous efforts to recreate it artificially, for the sole purpose of acquiring a profit-busting patent. This is the absurdity of modern medicine at work - why use a natural product when you can make billions from a synthetic one? Disgusting.

Such has been the furore surrounding Laetrile, that most virtuous paragon of morality, the American medical fraternity (otherwise known as the leading cause of death in the USA!) has seen it fit to ban this most beneficial of Vitamins in favour of the proven killing machines of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and cancer surgery - how efficient of them!

And why? simple, Vitamin B17 has, as a part of its structurea CYANIDE radical - shock, horror, terror - protect us from this beast!  And whilst you're at it, better ban Vitamin B12 too - CYANOcobalamin also contains a cyanide radical!  In fact, it took them long enough to recognise then benefits of vitamin B12, so don't hold your breath.

Put simply, Vitamin B17 selectively kills cancer cells by delivering minute doses of free cyanide on their doorstep, whilst simultaneously nourishing healthy cells, which welcome it, even using it to make Vitamin B12 in the liver.

To quote FDA toxicologist June de Spain, "Cyanide in minute quentities and in the proper food forms, instead of being poisonous, actually is an essential component of normal body chemistry". If that's what the FDA really thinks of it, what does that tell you about their reasons behind banning it (did someone mention "honorarium" or "consultancy"?)

The fact is that Western cancer "therapies" are failing us as cancer rates skyrocket due to increased toxicity and poor nutrition.  In contrast, cancer centers that use "alternative" therapies often have vastly superior success rates, with none of the associated trauma and discomfort caused by the destructive treatments used in most hospitals.


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