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Water-Power and hydrogen fuel systems

Though not new, Water-power is relatively unknown to the majority of people. However, the concept of extracting the hyrdogen and oxygen from water and then burning them to reform water is not new, having been round for close to 100 years!

What IS relatively new is the ability not only to purchase water-power and water-fuelled performance enhancers for internal combustion engines. but to build your own if you are so-inclined. This has come about largely due to an increased understanding of the electrolysis proces that liberates the gases (usually H + HO, or "Brown's gas") that are then burned to produce energy.

But why would you want to think about water-power or enhancing your car with a hydrogen fuel system?

Well, it might be because you are getting somwhat ticked off at the spiralling increase in the cost of gasoline/petrol and other hydrocarbon fuels. It might be because you run a business that is highly dependent on transporting goods and therefore fuel prices. It might be that you want to save money by making your car/boat/generator more effeicient. Or it just might be that you want to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your fuel consumption, exhaust gases and overall carbon footprint (to use the modern jargon!). This, of course, is why we include this information here.

Whilst many are sceptical that this can be done with water as a fuel, it is not only simple and well-proven, it is now also practical and inexpensive. In the past, the amount of energy needed to split the hydrogen and oxygen was far greater than that generated from re-burning the fuel, making it uneconomic and environmentally questionable to use hydrogen as a fuel. However, starting in the 1970's systems were developed that use low-voltage to liberate a combustible mixture of gases that generates a net gain in energy.

Consequently, you can now retrofit a water power system to your car, either to enhance its fuel efficiency (hydrogen produces far more energy than gasoline, giving an increase in power as well as a reduction in fuel consumption) or to replace the conventional fuel system of your car entirely and have a 100% water-powered car (or boat / generator / truck etc).

One other thing that has enabled this to come about is the change in the way the hydrogen is delivered from the point of electrolysis to the point of combustion. Early systems used hydrogen tanks which not only provide a risk of leaking and accidental combustion, but are also heavy and very expensive. The modern systems generally all produce the hydrogen as it is needed, meaning there is no need for storage and therefore minimal danger of an accident - far less, infact than there is from gasoline itself.

The originator of the water-powered car was Stan Meier, an inventor who struggled for years to get his technology accepted against major pressure from the establishment and particularly the oil producers. Allegedly he was offered billions to shelve his invention, but refused. In 1996 he died eating at a restuarant, with his dying breath announcing that he had been poisoned, which turned out to be the case. Powerful vested interests have stopped you either from hearing about this of from taking it seriously.

Stan Meier Water-powered car


Luckily, not only did his information survive, others have taken it even further. Some have even been altruistic enough to offer the information with full reproduction rights and commcercialization rights, highlighting the importance of this information for all of humanity.

Others have continued on the path Stan himelf was on and built systems that can be added to ANY vehicle to enable it to run 100% on water alone. These systems change nothing about your existing fuel supply expect that you don't use it and can fill up for free when you get home.

Whilst water power and hydrogen fuel systems won't resolve the environmental issues overnight and won't change the amount of environmental damage caused by the PRODUCTION of cars, trucks etc, it is certainly a step in the right direction and one that you should take sooner, rather than later.

see fuel-efficiency devices or 100% water power for more info.

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