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World Without Aids

World Without AIDS
by Steven Ransom and Phillip Day

The long-awaited expose of 'AIDS Inc'. This book dismantles one of the world's greatest fears, that of AIDS. and lays bare the deceit, fraudulent science and needless fear-mongering that lies at the heart of this supposed global epidemic. Over ten years in the making, this impeccably researched book gives an eye-opening account of what vested interests can get away with, given a trusting public, an almost limitless supply of money and scant scruples. It also explains the nonexistence of HIV, the bankruptcy of the Africa myth and the appalling dangers of the establishment-approved medications prescribed to those who have been written off as 'HIV positive'.

"World Without AIDS is the culmination of 10 years' research into this fascinating subject. This book is not just for the benefit of those suffering from AIDS, it is for everybody. Because of unscrupulous media and political fear-mongering campaigns, all of us have had no choice but to live under the shadow of this awesome medical error for the past twenty years. Be confident that this book will remove the unwarranted fear of AIDS from your life once and for all." - Authors Steven Ransom & Phillip Day

World Without AIDS
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